You are considered a continuing education student if you want to take courses but are not pursuing a degree or certificate at CCV. You might:

  • plan to gain additional professional development or training
  • take courses for personal enrichment
  • be enrolled at another college and take CCV courses for transfer credit

Become a Continuing Education Student

After you apply for admission, we will review your application and contact you via email to explain your specific next steps. In the meantime, we recommend you do the following:

  • Schedule a New Student Appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your goals and specific steps for enrolling. Contact your preferred CCV academic center to schedule this meeting. If you have previously completed courses at another college, we recommend you bring copies of your transcripts to this meeting. They will be reviewed to determine if you are eligible for a waiver of CCV’s basic skills assessment and if you satisfy the prerequisite requirements for your desired courses.
  • Consider your payment options.
  • Browse our schedule of courses and important dates.

If you have questions, please call your nearest CCV academic center or email us.

Most financial aid programs are not available to continuing education students. If you intend to use financial aid at CCV, please visit the application page for first-time degree students or transfer students. VSAC offers the Vermont Advancement Grant to Continuing Education students.

The basic skills assessment is not required for continuing education applicants who have already completed a college degree (associate degree or higher). However, the assessment may be needed for enrollment in specific courses.

You can begin as a Continuing Education student and later choose to become a degree-seeking student.

Current Vermont State Colleges System students (Castleton, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Tech) who want to take CCV classes without leaving their current college do NOT need to apply.

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