Apprenticeships at CCV give employees the opportunity to earn while they learn. 

CCV is pleased to offer five apprenticeships in certified public bookkeeping, medical assisting, medical records specialist, pharmacy technician, and manufacturing production technician. All five offerings pair credit-bearing classes with on-the-job learning, allowing employees to jumpstart their career, their education, and their earning potential.

Certified Public Bookkeeper Apprenticeship

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks record data to keep financial records complete. They also perform any combination of routine calculating, posting, and verifying duties to obtain primary financial data for use in maintaining accounting records. They may also check the accuracy of figures, calculations, and postings pertaining to business transactions recorded by other workers.

Other job titles include: Accounting Assistant/Associate/Clerk, Accounting Specialist/Technician, Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable Specialist/Clerk.

The certified public bookkeeper apprenticeship includes four college level courses, in addition to four certifications from the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) in Bookkeeping, Accounting, QuickBooks Online, and Payroll. After documenting 2,000 hours of work experience and earning all four certifications, students will also earn their Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB) license and be able to place the CPB designation next to their name.

Related Instruction for Certified Public Bookkeeper Apprenticeship
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ACC 2121Financial Accounting4
CIS 1430Spreadsheets3
ACC 1010Computerized Accounting3
ACC 1030Payroll Accounting1

Students can choose to take a few courses and earn the NACPB certifications, earn a full certificate in bookkeeping in addition to the certifications, or earn all of these PLUS the CPB license. Upon completion of the CCV bookkeeping certificate, students can apply credits toward CCV’s accounting degree for transfer to a 4-year program. This program allows students to work toward their CPA, earn an income as a bookkeeper, and build valuable experience and a client base, all at the same time!

Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship

Manufacturing production technicians set up, test, and adjust manufacturing machinery or equipment, using any combination of electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or computer technologies. The median wage for manufacturing production technicians in Vermont is $27.13 per hour. Many of these positions also come with benefits such as paid time off and health care.

The manufacturing production technician apprenticeship includes two college-level courses, and also includes the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council’s Certified Production Technician credential.

Related Instruction for Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MEC 1310Principles of Manufacturing3
MEC 1320Manufacturing Technology3

Medical Assisting Apprenticeship

Medical assistants perform administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of a physician. Administrative duties may include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, billing, and coding information for insurance purposes. Clinical duties may include taking and recording vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, and administering medications as directed by a physician. The median wage for medical assistants in Vermont is $17.45 per hour. Many medical assistants also receive benefits such as paid time off and health insurance.

The medical assisting apprenticeship includes five college-level courses paired with related instruction in a clinical setting. Once students have completed the on-the-job training, they can sit for a certification such as the CCMA.

The medical assisting apprenticeship is a great way to begin working toward a certificate or associate degree at CCV. The apprenticeship includes 15 college credits, which can be applied to the clinical medical assisting certificate and the health science associate degree program.

Related Instruction for Medical Assisting Apprenticeship
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
AHS 1205Medical Terminology3
BIO 1140Human Biology3
AHS 2470Fundamentals of Pharmacology3
AHS 2070Clinical Medical Assisting3
CIS 1041Computer Applications3
BMH/CCV College to Career Medical Assisting Apprenticeship

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH) and CCV are once again offering an accelerated program to prepare qualified candidates for jobs as medical assistants.

The College to Career program is a one-semester apprenticeship limited to twenty participants. Classes are held at CCV-Brattleboro, with clinical aspects of the course completed at BMH. As part of the joint initiative, BMH is providing full scholarships for eight successful applicants to the program. Scholarship recipients will have their CCV tuition covered and will be hired as Medical Assistants at BMH upon successful completion of the academic program.

Classes start January 23, 2023, with applications due November 18, 2022. For full program details, visit or contact Leigh Marthe, CCV coordinator of student advising, at or 802-254-6370.

Medical Records Specialist Apprenticeship

Medical Records Specialists compile, process, and maintain medical records of hospital and clinic patients in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the healthcare system. These tasks aid the employer with medical billing and coding. Work can be performed at a medical facility or in a work-from-home format. The annual median wage for Medical Records Specialists in Vermont is $46,000. Many employed in this field receive employment benefits that include health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings.

Related Instruction for Medical Records Specialist Apprenticeship
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
AHS-1205Medical Terminology3
AHS-1015Intro to Health Information Systems3
AHS-2121Medical Coding I3
AHS-2122Medical Coding II3
AHS-2165Health Insurance Reimbursement & Billing3

The Medical Records Specialist apprenticeship pairs five college-level courses with on-the-job training with an employer. The apprenticeship is a great way to start on the path to complete the Medical Billing and Coding Certificate at CCV.

Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship

Pharmacy technicians prepare medications under the direction of a pharmacist, including measuring, mixing, counting out, labeling, and recording amounts and dosages of medications according to prescription orders. The median wage for pharmacy technicians in Vermont is $15.48 per hour. Many pharmacy technicians are also offered benefits such as paid time off and health insurance.

The pharmacy technician apprenticeship includes a new credit-bearing course, Introduction to Pharmacy, and CCV’s new Customer Service course, which includes the Customer Service Institute of America’s Certified Customer Service Experience Professional credential. Once you have finished your on-the-job training, you can also sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s national assessment.

Related Instruction for Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship
Course NumberCourse NameCredits
AHS 1520Introduction to Pharmacy3
BUS 1370Customer Service3
CIS 1430Spreadsheets3

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