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Spring Classes Start January 23 – Register Today!

Earn a debt-free degree at CCV.

Registration for spring 2023 classes is now open. CCV is the most affordable college in Vermont, and our financial aid counselors and academic advisors are here to help you from application to graduation. We are proud to offer personalized support and financial aid opportunities to our students. Check out the 802 Opportunity Grant to see if you’re eligible for a tuition-free degree.

CCV offers many ways to register for courses. Visit and choose the option that’s most convenient for you!

New to CCV? Fill out our free application to get started today.

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Welcome to Fall!

Fall classes are officially underway and and students are taking classes around the state and in multiple flexible formats. Want to add a class, or haven’t registered yet? It’s not too late! Check out the course schedule to see our full list of fall offerings.

Visit our resources page to explore the many programs, tools, and supports that are available to help you succeed this semester and beyond. Also find information on account access and activation, student program and course planning, student finances, and more on the current students page. In addition, many academic support services are available. Have a great summer!

“Education is about self-exploration. Pursue your interests and a path will emerge; you may find yourself in a place you never imagined.”

Kyle Aines

Kyles Aines

CCV Associate Director of Veteran and Military Services