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Welcome to Fall!

Classes are officially underway and we’re excited to welcome students back to CCV centers. Our fall 2021 classes are taking place in multiple online formats and through in-person learning, and we’re pleased to offer many resources that are available to help you succeed. Visit our Current Students page to find information on account access and activation, student program and course planning, student finances, and more. Have a great semester!

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New Scholarships for Vermont Students

This year, CCV and the Vermont State Colleges are offering millions of dollars in scholarships, free tuition, and other financial aid opportunities. Generous funding from the State of Vermont is supporting multiple programs for Vermont residents. Visit the New Scholarship Opportunities for Vermont Students page to learn more, determine your eligibility, and get started today.

“I think online classes at CCV differ from other schools’ in the same way that all of our classes differ from other schools’. There’s a real emphasis at CCV on helping the individual succeed. So no matter what, there is going to be somebody, and several somebodies, in your court.”

Photo of Katy Schonbeck

Katy Schonbeck

CCV Instructor