Buy Textbooks

CCV partners with a textbook vendor, eCampus, to provide you with more choices to help reduce textbook costs. eCampus is a full-service bookstore that provides a robust used and rental market as well as access to purchasing textbooks on the open marketplace from independent sellers. If the cost of textbooks poses a challenge for you, please contact your advisor, financial aid counselor, or local CCV center to explore funding options.

For classes in all locations, including online and Winooski:

You are responsible for ordering books and materials and for bringing them to class.

To access digital textbooks:

  • Login to using your CCV username and password
  • Click on eBookshelf in the upper right corner

Visit our IT Support site for additional information about how to access digital textbooks.

Sell Used Books

eCampus offers textbook buyback through their website. Go to and select the “Sell” option. Students can also apply this money as a credit on their eCampus account for future purchases.

Financial Aid Advance to Purchase Textbooks

You may charge up to $500 of your textbook expenses against your financial aid if:

  • You have enough financial aid to cover the semester tuition and fees.
  • You purchase your books from our online bookstore.

1. Complete the CCV Financial Aid Advance to Purchase Textbooks form (FAAPT) for the appropriate semester. You will receive an email with the status of your request and further instruction.

2. When the bookstore is open, order your books up to the authorized amount, which will appear as a credit. You will need to pay any remaining balance at the time of order.

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