First Year Retention Rate

2019 Cohort 
(Returned Fall 2020)
2018 Cohort
(Returned Fall 2019)
2017 Cohort
(Returned Fall 2018)
All entering cohort students40%41%40%
First-Time Full-Time students53%55%54%
First-Time Part-Time students34%40%35%
Transfer-in Full-Time students54%36%38%
Transfer-in Part-Time students38%35%38%
Male Students38%36%38%
Female Students42%44%41%
Students of Color42%48%40%
White Students40%40%40%
Ages 18 to 2438%41%40%
Ages 25+44%43%39%
Pell Grant recipients44%45%43%
Non Pell Grant recipients37%37%37%

Graduation From CCV Within 3 Years

2017 Cohort
(2020 Graduation)
2016 Cohort
(2019 Graduation)
2015 Cohort
(2018 Graduation)
All entering cohort students14%12%13%
First-Time Full-Time students25%16%22%
First-Time Part-Time students6%5%4%
Transfer-in Full-Time students23%32%26%
Transfer-in Part-Time students16%18%20%
Male Students12%10%13%
Female Students15%14%13%
Students of Color14%9%10%
White Students14%13%14%
Ages 18 to 2414%12%11%
Ages 25+13%13%15%
Pell Grant recipients13%11%12%
Non Pell Grant recipients14%14%14%

Degree Completion at CCV or Other College Within 6 Years

2014 Cohort
(2020 Graduation)
2013 Cohort
(2019 Graduation)
2012 Cohort
(2018 Graduation)
All entering cohort students32%33%31%
First-Time Full-Time students45%37%46%
First-Time Part-Time students22%23%19%
Transfer-in Full-Time students53%53%48%
Transfer-in Part-Time students40%47%43%
Male Students31%28%25%
Female Students33%36%35%
Students of Color30%37%29%
White Students32%32%32%
Ages 18 to 2433%33%37%
Ages 25+30%32%29%
Pell Grant recipients28%28%26%
Non Pell Grant recipients37%39%38%

Early College: Degree Completion at CCV or Other College Within 6 Years

2014 EC Cohort
(2020 Graduation)
All Early College Students46%
Male Students44%
Female Students47%
Students of Color43%
White Students49%

Industry-Recognized Credentials

Attempted, #
Awarded, #
Awarded, %
Medical Assisting (CCMA, RMA)99100%
Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA)8113%
Customer Service7571%
Certified Production Technician: Safety494694%
Certified Production Technician: Quality423993%
Certified Production Technician: Processes252288%
Certified Production Technician: Maintenance221882%
Certified Production Technician*21*
* Awarded after the completion of 4 CPT tests

Additional Student Financial Data

(FY 2017)
Students Receiving Federal Loans26%
Student loan cohort default rate18.4%
Median debt of borrowers: students who graduated$11,000
Median debt of borrowers: students who withdrew$5,028

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