College-level learning doesn’t always occur in the classroom. We understand that your skills and knowledge may have come through learning in the office, on the factory floor, in the military, or through various other life activities. And we believe you should be awarded college credit for that college-level learning. That’s where our Prior Learning Assessment programs can help. These options provide you–through course challenges, portfolio creation, and tests– the opportunity to earn college credits more efficiently and at a reduced cost. Prior Learning Assessment: it’s credit for what you know.

The Office of Prior Learning Assessment is a Vermont State Colleges program administered and housed at CCV. Our goal is to provide convenient options to request credit for college-level learning and experience you may have gained through work and training, military or community service, online or individual study.

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Get Credit for What You Know!

Get your personalized Prior Learning Assessment recommendation and discover how you can save time and money on your path toward a degree or credential.

Portfolio Courses

You’ve worked, served in the military, or volunteered. Now get college credit for these activities through our portfolio courses, Assessment of Prior Learning and Focused Portfolio Development.

Course Challenge

You can challenge a CCV course by demonstrating your mastery of the objectives of that course. You will be evaluated by a CCV faculty member who teaches the course.

Credit by Examination

You can sign up for one of two testing options offered at the CCV-Winooski campus.

APL/FPD Transcripts

Alumni of the Assessment of Prior Learning or Focused Portfolio programs should use this special request form to transfer those credits earned.


Ask a CCV advisor, contact the Office of Prior Learning Assessment at 802-828-4064 or, or attend a free informational webinar. Informational webinars are offered biweekly.

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