Student Benefits

Students in community-engaged learning classes can benefit academically, professionally, and personally. This type of experiential learning allows students to:

  • increase understanding of the class topic
  • gain hands-on experience (possibly leading to an internship or job later)
  • connect with professionals and community members who students will learn from
  • grow a professional network of people students might connect with again later for jobs or internships
  • develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • develop or enhance skills, especially in the areas of communication, collaboration, and leadership
  • test out skills, interests, and values in a potential career path, or learn more about a field that interests you
  • learn more about social issues and their root causes
  • explore or cement values and beliefs
  • have opportunities to act on values and beliefs
  • grow understanding of diverse cultures and communities
  • improve students’ ability to handle ambiguity and be open to change; become more flexible
  • satisfy students’ urge toward public service or civic participation

From “Benefits of Service-Learning.” Community Service-Learning Center. University of Minnesota. Web. 02 Sept. 2011.

What Do Students Have to Say About Their Community-Engaged Learning Experiences?

“The best teachers in our college do teach with service-learning and they add so much to your education. […] In my opinion, service-learning should absolutely be part of every college curriculum.”

“There’s a lot of networking.  Especially now that I’m approaching graduation and we’re doing resumes, the service-learning work is great.  Nobody wants to give you a job unless you have experience, and service-learning is free experience.  It is something to put on your resume, especially in today’s economy where jobs are getting fewer and far between.  They’re going to look at people who have gone the extra mile.”

“Community-engaged learning has influenced me to stay in school because, once you have that experience from service- learning, you decide that that’s what you want to do.  That’s what I feel I gained from it.  I went out there, I’ve seen that I can do it, and I knew that I could finish this program.”

“[Community-engaged learning] was such a rewarding experience that it validated my reason for being in school.”

“Not only has [community-engaged learning] given me the hands-on experience that I need, but it makes you feel confident…You can go out there with your head held high knowing that you can do this.  You’ve been there, you’ve done that, and nobody can take that away from you.”

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