As a portfolio student, you’ll describe your previous learning, write an essay about your background and experience, work with an advisor to devise a degree plan, and request specific credits for specific courses. You’ll collect documentation for the learning you have gained and assemble it in a portfolio. We offer two levels of portfolio courses:

Assessment of Prior Learning

Assessment of Prior Learning (APL)—EDU 1240 is a three-credit, semester-long course with focus on the creation of a portfolio that describes and documents your prior learning in a variety of academic subject areas. Credit requests are not limited and the average award is 30 credits. That’s a whole year of full-time work or halfway to an associate degree! You pay only the three-credit course tuition and a one-time assessment fee of $300. The portfolio review is completed the following semester. Awarded credits are free, saving the average student over $6,000!

The APL course is a good option if you:

  • Have years of professional experience in one or more fields
  • Attended many trainings and in-service education
  • Learned on your own through online courses or self-study
  • Have college-level writing skills

APL classes are offered during the spring and fall semesters, meeting either once a week in the evening, Saturday mornings, or as a fully online course. Informational webinars about the course are offered biweekly.

Review an APL Sample Portfolio

Focused Portfolio Development

Focused Portfolio Development (FPD)–EDU 1225 is a one-credit course. Take it to create a portfolio that provides details and evidence for up to 16 credits of your prior learning in one specific academic subject area. You pay only the one-credit tuition, administrative fee, and a one-time assessment fee.There is no additional cost for the credits received through FPD. You may even submit a second portfolio in another academic area later and pay only the assessment fee. Portfolios are evaluated at the end of the semester so you’ll have your results before the next semester starts!

The FPD course is a good option if you:

  • Have professional experience in one field
  • Attended trainings and in-service education
  • Learned on your own through online courses or self-study in one specific field
  • Have college-level writing skills
  • Need to have your portfolio evaluated quickly

FPD classes are offered during the spring, summer and fall semesters, meeting six times during an eight-week period, either in person or online.

Review a Sample Portfolio

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  2. Apply to CCV
  3. Connect with an Academic Advisor

Not Sure? Take our assessment

If you’re not certain which of our two portfolio options are the best fit for you, take this short assessment to get a basic idea. We recommend attending an Informational Webinar to learn about the options in more detail and then connecting with an academic advisor. Your academic goals and existing credits may impact your choice, so it’s a good idea to contact an academic advisor at your local CCV academic center.

APL/FPD Transcripts

Alumni of the Assessment of Prior Learning or Focused Portfolio programs should use this special request form to transfer those credits earned.


Ask a CCV advisor, contact the Office of Prior Learning Assessment at 802-828-4064 or, or attend a free information session. Information sessions are frequently offered either at CCV academic centers or through webinars.

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