Select a course in the CCV catalog, and with advisor permission, you pay a one-time fee and a faculty member who teaches the course is hired to evaluate your learning in 60 days or less. Awarded credits are ungraded credits on the CCV transcript. Students may request a grade as part of the process, to ease with future transfer – although a grade will not be reflected on the transcript. 

Traditional Course Challenge

  • One-time fee equal to cost of one CCV credit hour
  • Individualized evaluation
  • Flexible
  • Choose from any CCV course not already developed as a CBP

Competency-Based Pathway

  • $150 fee for each CBP
  • Standardized assignments aligned with course objectives
  • Entirely Online
  • Choose from the following courses:
    • ACC-1010 Computerized Accounting
    • BUS-1010 Introduction to Business
    • BUS-2020 Principles of Management
    • BUS-2230 Principles of Marketing
    • CIS-1430 Spreadsheets
    • COM-1015 Communication in the Early Childhood Education & Afterschool Workplace
    • EDU-1030 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
    • EDU-2041 Leadership, Mentoring & Supervision for Early Childhood & Afterschool Practitioners
    • EDU-2042 Early Childhood Education & Afterschool Program Management
    • EDU-2045 Curriculum Development for Early Childhood Education
    • INT-2860 Professional Field Experience
    • PSY-2010 Child Development


Course Challenge is a good option if you:

  • Learned on your own through in-service workshops, online courses, trainings, or self-study
  • Have gained learning that is equivalent to a course offered at CCV
  • Are confident you have the knowledge necessary to cover the course material
  • Feel comfortable uploading and downloading files online
  • Have discussed this option and have gotten approval from a CCV advisor

Ready to get started? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Attend an Informational Webinar
  2. Connect with an academic advisor
  3. Complete the required form and submit payment


Ask a CCV advisor, contact the Office of Prior Learning Assessment at 802-828-4064 or, or attend a free information session. Information sessions are frequently offered either at CCV academic centers or through webinars.

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