TRIO Student Support Services Program

The CCV TRIO Student Support Services Program is a federally funded program designed to help eligible students reach their academic potential and meet their educational and career goals. CCV TRIO is funded to serve only 225 students; as such, we have a selective application process that assesses student motivation, academic need and ability to benefit.

The TRIO program has basically been a compass in showing me what was even possible for my education. It has been a growing experience that has also been genuinely fun and inspiring.” ~ CCV Rutland student

Admission to CCV’s TRIO program is not automatic; it is a privilege, as we are limited in the number of students we can serve. While CCV’s TRIO program is designed to help students succeed, it takes a commitment by the student to be truly effective.

Benefits of TRIO

As a CCV TRIO student, you are eligible to receive these and other benefits:

  • A priority advising relationship with a TRIO advisor who will serve as an academic mentor, advisor, transfer counselor, and resource consultant.
  • A TRIO Faculty Coach to support you with academic and life challenges as well as to explore your goals.
  • Student leadership development program.
  • Possible eligibility to receive TRIO grants ($688 to $1000); the grants are awarded yearly. TRIO grants do not have to be paid back.
  • Private tutoring when a student needs instruction beyond what Learning Center tutors can provide.
  • Financial literacy instruction to help students learn how to manage money wisely.
  • Assistance with financial aid forms and financial literacy resources.
  • Workshops, college visits, transfer and career information.
  • Cultural and social opportunities, such as TRIO service days, TRIO breakfasts, and mentoring.
  • Eligibility for CCV TRIO Study Abroad Scholarships ( two $500 scholarships awarded annually).

If accepted into the TRIO Program, you will be eligible for the various opportunities and services until you graduate or transfer from CCV. Being a student is hard work, as you already know, and this program is one more source of support for your effort to earn a college degree.

Are you eligible?

TRIO is currently available to students in the following CCV centers. Applications should be submitted to the TRIO Coordinator at your academic center.

If you are interested in exploring your eligibility for TRIO, read over the TRIO Participation Agreement (page 5 of the application) and complete the TRIO Application.

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