Learning & Career Centers

CCV has 12 Learning & Career Centers, one at each of its Academic Center locations across the state. Visit your nearest CCV location page for hours, subjects, and available tutors. As a CCV student, you may use a Learning & Career Center at any CCV Academic Center.

Learning Center staff focus on promoting independent  learning and are available to help students with a variety of subjects and skills including:

  • Writing: develop your skills in all facets of writing, from grammar and punctuation to paragraphing, organization, and development.
  • Math: instruction on math skills learned in CCV courses – from Basic Mathematics through Applied Mathematical Concepts, with additional assistance in quantitative reasoning skills, e.g. reading graphs and charts, making estimates.
  • Computers: gain competence using software such as word processing, spreadsheets, Powerpoint, file management, etc.
  • CCV’s Portal Navigation: activate your account and learn to navigate CCV’s portal to access college information, resources and services.
  • Online Learning: learn the Moodle features used in both online and in-person classes.
  • Library Skills: learn basic library skills to access books, full-text articles, and online reference resources at Hartness Library.
  • Research Techniques and proper citation: learn appropriate use of resources in academic research and writing; receive guidance in MLA and APA documentation.
  • Academic Skills: develop learning strategies that work for you and overcome barriers to success.
  • Referrals: learn to identify and contact professionals such as CCV librarians and other experts to assist with specific needs.
  • Strategic Classroom Support: learn to use and access additional learning resources such as eTutoring and online resources.

*Assistance in additional subject areas may also be available. Check with your local Learning Center for more information.

Career advising is also available at the Learning & Career Center: http://ccv.edu/discover-resources/career-development/

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No matter where you live in Vermont, a CCV Academic Center is close to you!

  • “I completed my medical assisting certificate at CCV, planning to transfer into VTC’s nursing program. But I found that medical assisting work is a dead right fit for me. I am continuing for my associate in this program.”

    Francoise Kahindo Medical Assisting Student