CCV encourages you to take advantage of all that the College has to offer both within and beyond the classroom. Student organizations and leadership opportunities allow you to make new friends, cultivate leadership skills, and build new networks. CCV is most vibrant when students are getting engaged and making connections with one another.

Why should I get involved in CCV organizations and activities?

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Build a competitive résumé and transfer application
  • Gain confidence and develop an image as a successful leader
  • Meet other students, as well as faculty and staff, from across the College
  • Foster creative problem-solving, effective communication, and project management skills

Student Advisory and Leadership Council

What is the Student Advisory and Leadership Council (SALC)?

SALC offers students the opportunity to develop leadership skills while identifying issues that matter to them, engage in local campus projects, and work on College initiatives. As a SALC member, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Recommend improvements to CCV programs, policies, and services.
  • Collaborate and network with fellow students, as well as faculty and staff, across the College.
  • Plan activities and participate in community events.
  • Serve on various statewide committees and councils including Academic Council, Vermont State Colleges Student Association (VSCSA), and other special task forces and groups.
  • Qualify for special scholarships and opportunities.

Work toward earning a CCV Leadership Endorsement on your transcript.

How do I join SALC?
  • All students are welcome to participate in SALC.
  • Contact Melissa Holmes, CCV’s SALC advisor, or your advisor to learn more.

Visit the CCV events calendar to find the descriptions, dates, and times of SALC-hosted events.

Group of college students smiling
2020 SALC Group

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK) is recognized as the official honor society for two-year colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges.

What are the eligibility requirements to join?

To be eligible to join CCV’s PTK Chapter, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • 12 semester hours of associate degree course work earned
  • Minimum cumulative 3.70 GPA
  • Adherence to CCV’s Student Code of Conduct and recognized qualities of citizenship
How does a student join?

Eligible students will receive an email invitation to join PTK. Students should check their CCV email address. There is an enrollment window each fall and spring semester.

Is there a fee to join?

There is a one-time $75 enrollment fee paid directly to PTK. There are no recurring annual fees.

Does a student need to maintain a high GPA to remain enrolled in PTK?

PTK students must maintain a 3.70 GPA to remain in good standing, with the exception that an active member of the charter will be allowed one semester with a current grade point average below the 3.70 standard. Failure to re-attain a 3.70 cumulative GPA after one semester will result in the member being removed from good standing.

What do students gain from being a PTK member?

Learn about PTK membership benefits here.

How can students learn more information?

Interested students are encouraged to contact CCV’s PTK Chapter Advisor, Melissa Holmes.

CCV Leadership Endorsement

What is the Leadership Endorsement?

The Leadership Endorsement is designed to help you enhance and explore leadership potential through participation in CCV leadership activities and trainings. The endorsement acknowledges verified leadership participation and training to future employers and transfer colleges.

The Leadership Endorsement will appear on your transcript, verifying your leadership engagement and training.

The endorsement will appear in the credential box on your transcript when a CCV degree or certificate has been earned.

*Students must earn a degree or certificate for the endorsement to appear on the transcript.

How do I earn the CCV Leadership Endorsement?

Students complete 80 hours of approved leadership activities and training and submit a Leadership Portfolio for review. Visit the Leadership Endorsement Canvas site for more information.

What is the value of earning a CCV Leadership Endorsement?

All job and college-transfer candidates look for ways to stand out from the crowd and to get noticed for the qualities employers and universities want most. Among the qualities in short supply these days is leadership — the personal insights and skills of a leader, as well as the experience to go with them. By earning a CCV leadership credential, you not only gain those skills and polish your natural leadership capabilities, but you can also verify to potential employers that you’ve demonstrated your skills in a variety of challenging circumstances. Leadership credentials can position graduates for immediate workforce success while establishing solid foundations for future academic achievement.

What advantages will earning a Leadership Endorsement provide?
  • Build a competitive résumé and transfer application.
  • Collaborate and network with other students, as well as faculty and staff, across the College.
  • Foster creative problem-solving, effective communication. and project management skills.
  • Gain confidence and develop an image as successful leader.
  • Attain leadership skills to assume leadership roles in a career and in the community.
  • Develop your leadership style.

Interested students are encouraged to send an inquiry to

Vermont State College Student Association (VSCSA)

Membership on the VSCSA includes three student representatives from each of the four Vermont State Colleges. This organization discusses and provides recommendations to the VSCS on student-related issues; advocates for the rights and interests of VSCS students; and fosters collaboration and dialogue among our state colleges. Two representatives and one alternate from CCV are appointed for one year of service.Interested students are encouraged to send an inquiry to

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