As a CCV student, you can choose:

  • Letter grades: A, B, C, D, or F with plus or minus
  • Proficient/Not Proficient: P or NP

All pre-college (developmental skills) courses are evaluated on a P/NP basis.

Regardless of the grading option you choose, you also receive a narrative evaluation from the instructor which includes information about course objectives, your performance, and recommendations for further work.

What Grades Mean

All grades (A through F, P, NP, and W) appear on official transcripts. Grades of “P” or “NP” will not be factored into a student’s GPA; all other grades factor into a student’s GPA.

Grades A through C-Satisfactory WorkCounts as credit toward degree program requirements
Grades DMarginal WorkDoesn’t count as credit toward degree program requirements
Grades PD- or better workDoesn’t count as credit toward degree program requirements
Grades F or NPFailure to meet course objectives and expectationsDoesn’t count as credit toward degree program requirements


Class attendance is essential to your success at CCV. Since most classes meet just once a week for about three hours, missing even one class can make a noticeable difference in what you gain from a course. In addition to attending all classes, you should expect to do at least two hours of homework for every hour you spend in class, either on-ground or in instructor-led discussions and other activities in online courses. See your course description, syllabus, and the attendance and financial aid policies for more details.

If you cannot attend class, contact your faculty member beforehand and make arrangements for making up any missed work.

Missing more than three classes may jeopardize course credit. Many faculty members count regular attendance as a requirement and consider class discussion to be essential to a vibrant, positive teaching and learning experience. You are part of a community of learners; that means making a commitment to be present.

In addition, most financial aid awards depend on regular attendance, and irregular attendance may cause you to lose your financial aid award. This may result in a bill from the College. You are strongly urged to ensure your success at CCV by making regular attendance a top priority.

Academic Standing

CCV expects students to maintain good academic standing. To do so, if you have attempted more than 30 credits, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA.

All courses taken within the Vermont State Colleges (e.g. at CCV, Castleton, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Technical College) appear on your transcript and are counted in determining your grade point average.

Loss of good academic standing can result in academic dismissal and/or ineligibility for financial aid. In addition, federal financial aid programs may have other standards of satisfactory academic progress. CCV complies with these standards.


Term Honors are granted to full- and part-time students after every semester. Full-time students (earning 12 or more college level credits during the semester) who have a 4.0 GPA are eligible for President’s List honors, and students with GPAs between 3.5 and 3.995 are eligible for the Dean’s List. In addition, students earning 6-11 college-level credits during the semester with a GPA of 4.0 are eligible for CCV Student Honors.

For more detail, consult our Policies & Procedures pages.

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