Drop a Class

Simply informing an instructor or not attending class will not protect you from consequences to your grade or your financial responsibilities.

Before You Drop a Class

If you are not receiving any financial aid, see CCV’s refund policy as you may owe your entire bill and not receive any refund.

How to Drop a Class

  • Be sure to check the refund policy, especially if you are receiving financial aid
  • Log into the portal at http://portal.ccv.edu
      • Go to Web Services (top left of page)
      • Go to Students
      • Go to Student Registration
      • Go to Register & Drop Sections
      • Follow instructions

If you want to withdraw from ALL of your courses, you must use the drop form or contact any CCV academic center.

What Happens When You Drop a Class?

  • A course dropped during the official Add/Drop Period (normally before the 3rd weekly meeting in a regular 15-week semester) will not appear on a student’s academic record.
  • If a course is dropped and a similar course is added at the same time, within the official add/drop period, there is no financial penalty.
  • After the official Add/Drop Period, and through 60% of the duration of the course (normally the 9th week in a 15-week semester), the course is listed with a grade of W on the official transcript.
  • After 60% of the duration of a class, the student receives the grade earned at the end of the semester unless a special withdrawal is granted with approval of the academic dean or designee.

How Dropping a Class Affects Financial Aid

    • If you have a loan and you fall below six credits, you will lose your loan if it has not been disbursed to CCV.
    • If you stop attending all of your classes or drop all of them, your financial aid (Stafford loans and Pell, VSAC and SEOG grants) will be prorated to the last date of attendance or your withdrawal date. This will most likely result in your owing a balance to CCV.
    • Pell, VSAC, and SEOG grants and Stafford loans ALL are affected by dropping a class. If you drop in the first three weeks but stay in at least three credits, you will not be eligible for aid for the dropped courses; your financial aid will be adjusted.
    • Scholarships may be withdrawn or reduced.
    • Veteran’s benefits may also be reduced or cancelled. Check with the VA office handling your claim.
    • One day can make a difference.

Your academic standing and future financial aid eligibility could be jeopardized if you drop a class.

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