April Resources of the Month


Looking for help caring for a loved one? If you care for a family member with disabilities, you know it can be difficult to find help that is effective, affordable, and desirable. If you are a caregiver for a loved one, perhaps a child or adult with disabilities or special health needs, meet with … [Read more...]

Early Bird Special: Register by May 8 – Win $3,000


Forget the worm, go for the cash, early bird! CCV is handing out two $3,000 awards to two lucky winners who register early for fall classes. What'll that get you? … [Read more...]

Register for Summer!


We know summer is the time for relaxing, moseying about the back roads, camping, and yes, creamees. That’s no reason to let your brain stagnate, especially not when CCV has hundreds of classes available statewide and online, ranging in length from one week (yes you read that right, we offer shorter s … [Read more...]

#CIMBY – Tell Us Your Story!

CIMBY Screenshot

Check out our new College In My Backyard map, or #CIMBY for short! We're using this tool to share stories about how CCV has made an impact on people's lives and how folks are connected to CCV! … [Read more...]

March Resources of the Month


Did you know that March 1st-7th is National Consumer Protection Week? It’s a great time to learn about how to be a savvy consumer, to avoid scams, and bad business dealings. Consider some of the following consumer tips and share with your friends and family. … [Read more...]

Need to Pay Your Bill?

Payment Due

Classes are about to start, and that means bills are due, too. Fortunately, CCV has some super-easy ways for you to take care of the bill so you can carry on with your pre-semester rituals (ours involve binge-watching series on Netflix while there's still time!). Here's how you can take care of it: … [Read more...]

February Resources of the Month

Photo courtesy of Kids Work Chicago Daycare - https://www.flickr.com/photos/130419557@N06/

Family Support and Childcare Got kids? Read on. If you juggle multiple priorities such as work, school, and children, you know how difficult it is to strike the family-work-school-life balance. Childcare is expensive for hardworking Vermonters and there is a program to try to help income eligible … [Read more...]

Welcome Back!

Photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/prayitnophotography/8014375021/in/photolist-ddcLtF-7Zn69f-q8RNzH-opr6UF-4ktLY2-ctmKrm-dtjmVA-bH7fcn-9V6c9q-85Tq6k-pQB6Uo-diYpAL-ktiJBk-7Q9FrR-9pyUxV-bj4EBk-pb7xV4-dizGXp-nY37Nv-dEqv99-jsAkkF-a2gj7u-8PTiQU-8UGZ7y-2gYAd-4ugYRV-edLetP-4smEbS-f8dHXW-7LRguF-4KvaXV-e2TVGd-9TZLSP-qnbqj1-cW42wj-p1b3G2-96Sr28-baMH7-pzccUg-4VjVnR-dD5My2-bdQr9k-pKcSMj-8JwzgR-5BdDas-6MU3Sq-7deC1H-8iEDrP-dSywui-dEBtMU

Spring is here, we know because there are students in the halls heading to class! So now that we're underway, we thought it would be a good time to point you towards some helpful spots on the Web. … [Read more...]

January Resources of the Month


Financial Wellness in the New Year Change can be difficult and that’s one of the many reasons New Year’s resolutions don’t always stick. Making a resolution to spend differently, to save more, and to rebuild credit might feel like big change. The key is looking at the small actions you can take to s … [Read more...]

Welcome to 2015! Register Now for Spring and Summer

New Year's Resolutions

It's a new year and we're sure you've got all sorts of plans to make 2015 the best one yet. Wouldn't taking a class fit right into that goal? Think about it: maybe you've wanted to add to your skill set, or maybe you're ready for a career change. Whatever your reasons, now is the time to get … [Read more...]

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