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At CCV, we recognize the unique needs of our nearly 400 veteran and military-connected students (MCS). We have many different support services in place to help you with your needs inside and outside of school in addition to services available to all CCV students.

At CCV, we recognize the unique needs of our nearly 400 veteran and military-connected students (MCS). We have many different support services in place to help you with your needs inside and outside of school in addition to services available to all CCV students.

Dedicated, Full-Time Veteran and Military Resource Advisor

CCV understands the value of shared experiences. The Veterans Services Coordinator and Veteran & Military Resource Advisor (VMRA) positions are filled by a professional educators with strong military connections. These positions serve all veteran and military-connected students from early exploration of college through graduation. By dedicating time and energy to provide accurate, timely information and serving as a mentor for navigating college, CCV veterans and military students are provided with individualized attention for the duration of their time with us. Check in regularly with your VMRA; no question is too small and no request is too minor!

kyle ainesKyle Aines
Veterans Services Coordinator
Veteran & Military Resource Advisor
Serving all CCV centers

Professional Tutoring

Photo of tutor and studentAt CCV, we believe that with hard work, students will succeed in their courses. Sometimes that hard work requires asking for help from an experienced learner who can coach you as you navigate new or unfamiliar course material. CCV will set up tutoring for any veteran or military student seeking personalized assistance with coursework. Our tutors are experienced students, professionals, and faculty whose goal is to empower you to learn the skills and content to be successful in your classes. CCV’s own research shows that students who utilize tutoring are more likely to pass their classes. Contact your Veteran & Military Resource Advisor to discuss this option or request a tutor.

Voodle: Veteran and Military Student Network

Screenshot of Voodle.

Voodle: CCV’s online veteran and military-connected student forums.

At CCV, you can be as “out” as a veteran or military student as you wish. Your teachers and classmates will know as much or as little about your background as you choose to share. We also recognize the value of a team and connecting with others who may be able to relate to your experiences and questions. That’s why we created Voodle—an exclusive online community for veteran and military students to share resources and discuss relevant questions and information. You will be automatically enrolled in this site, which is accessible only to veteran and military students (and the team who serves you). Throughout the year, CCV offices and external partners will ask us to post specialized information for veterans and military students through this platform. For instance, you will have opportunities to learn about how to earn additional credit for life and military experience through a program called Assessment of Prior Learning or information about job fairs for students with a military background or ways to volunteer in the community. We encourage you to participate and engage, tapping into this great network of CCV students!

In addition to our online community, we will arrange for you to have a Veterans Success Coach upon request. Experienced students provide informal mentoring for new students, focusing on successfully transitioning to the higher education culture, guidance on study habits, and suggestions for how to most effectively work with faculty and staff.

Smart Pens for Loan

Research shows that taking notes using pen and paper is the most effective way to process and retain information (far more effective than taking notes on a laptop). That doesn’t mean, however, that technology has no place in the classroom. In fact, veteran and military students may request the use of a Smart Pen to borrow for the duration of their time at CCV. Smart Pens combine the best of two worlds—old-fashioned handwriting with high-tech digital enhancements—to allow for comprehensive note taking. A Smart Pen will provide you an audio recording synced with your notes (taken on special paper), allowing you to replay lecture while reviewing what you’ve written down for clarifications. Additionally, your notes can be uploaded to your personal computer for further editing, cataloging, and manipulation to create study aids. If you are a CCV veteran or military student, request your Smart Pen today!

Specialized Career Services

Photo of student looking at jobs brochure.We know from our experiences working with hundreds of veteran and military students over the years that your training and service make you an incredibly desirable employee. After all, in the classroom, you are leaders, strong team workers, good listeners, excellent communicators, and detail-oriented. These are the same skills employers tell us, over and over, they look for when hiring. That means you are uniquely qualified for the job market when you combine your CCV academic and military experiences. Translating and integrating these prior and new sets of knowledge, skills, and experiences onto paper (cover letters, resumes, portfolios) requires effort and know-how. Our professional Career Consultants are prepared to work with veteran and military students to effectively market themselves for a job search, tailoring materials to fit the qualifications of specific positions.

CliftonStrengths Assessment

Based in positive psychology, the Clifton StrengthsFinder is an assessment that you take over the internet, choosing from a pair of descriptions the one that best describes you. Your top five talents are identified. From there, you can work through the CliftonStrengths program to learn how to turn your innate talents into strengths. For example, being drawn toward strangers and enjoying the challenge of making a connection with them are talents (from the Woo theme), whereas the ability to consistently build a network of supporters who know you and are prepared to help you is a strength. To build this strength, you have refined your talents with skills and knowledge. Likewise, the tendency to confront others is a talent (from the Command theme), whereas the ability to sell successfully is a strength. To persuade others to buy your product, you must have combined your talent with product knowledge and certain selling skills. Talk with your VMRA to obtain a special code (free of charge) to take the CliftonStrenghts assessment. Your VMRA is also eager to hear the results of your assessment and work with you to build your talents into strengths.

Transfer Support

Photo of student exiting CCV-Winooski.In addition to the personalized academic advising you will receive during your time at CCV, we recognize that veterans and military students need to ensure a smooth transfer to maximize their benefits. We’ve developed relationships with the veterans services offices at colleges around the state to assist you with an easy transfer process. There may be many reasons you are starting with us and moving on afterwards. Some students finish an Associate Degree at CCV and then plan two additional years to finish a bachelor’s degree elsewhere. Other students come to CCV to fulfill prerequisite requirements for a graduate degree. No matter your goals, we will help you plan an efficient use of your benefits and support you through the transfer experience. Connect with your academic advisor and your Veteran and Military Resource Advisor (VMRA) for information.

Community Partnerships

Photo of veteran at a conference.The Veteran & Military Services Team at CCV works extensively with community partners throughout the state. We collaborate with civilian and veteran/military organizations alike. Within our host communities we facilitate robust, worthwhile, and sustainable relationships. These partnerships can take many forms, including curriculum development, forums and conferences, internships, volunteer work, career fairs, and more. We prioritize building and strengthening partnerships based on the needs and desires of our military connected students. See Voodle for more details.

Credit for What You Know

College-level learning doesn’t always occur in the classroom. We understand that the skills and knowledge you have acquired may have come through learning in the office, on the factory floor, in the military, or through various other life activities. And we believe you should be awarded college credit for that college-level learning. That’s where our Prior Learning Assessment programs can help. These options provide you, through course challenges, portfolio creation, and tests, the opportunity to earn college credits more efficiently and at a reduced cost. Prior Learning Assessment: It’s credit for what you know.

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