This summer, CCV is excited to launch a new online tutoring service,, which will replace eTutoring. The change brings a lot of perks: it will provide access to help around the clock, drop-off essay review, diagnostic quizzes, easy access through CCV’s learning management systems Moodle and Canvas, and easy access to reviews of tutoring sessions for faculty. Director of Student Services Jenney Izzo believes will contribute to student success. “Our new tutoring service will enable students to get the support they need, when they need it. Tutors cover everything from math and English to accounting, science, and computer science. This expanded level of access is a great benefit to students and their success.”

More than 3,000 tutors offer their services on the site, and they have some impressive qualifications. All have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in their area of expertise, and 60% hold a master’s degree or higher. They also go through a rigorous screening process, including subject exams, mock tutoring sessions, mentor review, and a third party background check. And tutors are highly skilled when it comes to working in an online learning environment.

Trina Reynolds is a student at CCV’s Brattleboro academic center, and she participated in a trial of during the fall 2018 semester. She says she submitted two papers to an English tutor and received feedback within just one hour. The online submission process was easy, and provided an option for live help. “They offered tips in different areas. Some of it was grammar, and some of it was how to strengthen the thesis…it was a very good experience.”

She says the quick turnaround is a major benefit of the new service. “Through the other service you had to wait anywhere from two days to a week to get any sort of feedback at all. If you had an assignment that was due that week, you wouldn’t always get feedback in time.” With such a fast response from, she imagines being better able to make use of feedback. “I think it helps because it gives you more time to work on things that need to be strengthened.”

Reynolds has a double major in accounting and business, and is looking forward to graduating from CCV next month. In addition to her associate degree, she’ll also earn a certificate in bookkeeping.

Data shows that colleges that switch to see a dramatic increase in student use and satisfaction. 84% of students who utilized the service received a passing grade, compared to 68% of those who did not. 88% of those who used enrolled for a subsequent semester, compared to 70% of those who did not. And 96% reported improved grades and more confidence after using Izzo hopes for similar results for CCV students. “Other colleges that use have seen dramatic increases in student persistence and success, and we look forward to the same.”

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