Cyber Academy

Cybersecurity attacks are one of the most pressing risks to businesses and individuals around the world. Businesses experience thousands of cybersecurity attacks per day, putting knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals in high demand. With an unemployment rate of 0%, the global cybersecurity staffing shortage stands at 3 million and growing.

That’s why CCV is partnering with Socratic Arts to launch the Cyber Academy.

About the Cyber Academy

The Cyber Academy is a progression of modules and courses designed to provide a solid foundation in offensive and defensive information security skills. You’ll work online in a private cloud environment with help, advice, and feedback from a knowledgeable mentor and extensive online learning resources. You’ll get real-world training based in curriculum designed by the Department of Defense and industry experts.

Attributes of Successful Students

  • Intensely curious
  • A strong desire to solve puzzles/problems
  • Unwilling to give up on a problem no matter how difficult
  • Predisposed toward self-directed learning
  • A sense of “situational awareness” – knowing that the key question is ‘why’ more than ‘what’ or ‘how’


  • Applied knowledge of computer networks and protocols
  • Knowledge of the Windows and Linux Operating systems
  • Experience using command line interfaces
  • Basic HTML

The Classes

Cyber Defender is comprised of two ten-week courses. Plan to spend 15 hours per week on coursework. Upon completion of the Cyber Defender, you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to launch your career in cybersecurity.

Cyber Defender Module 1: Network Traffic and Log Analysis
Learn to analyze network traffic and system and network logs for indicators of malicious activity. Then move on to log analysis and extraction, and static and dynamic analysis of potentially malicious files.

Cyber Defender Module 2: Digital Forensics and Incident Response*
Gain the basic skills of conducting memory and file system forensics guided by a set of indicators of compromise. Next, move on to learning the basic procedures and skills of responding to a security incident.
*Prerequisite: You must successfully complete the first module, Cyber Defender 1, in order to progress to the second module. Success will be assessed by mentors.

Timeline and Cost

Cyber Defender 1 – CED-0401-VO70
Tuesday, January 21 – Monday, March 30, 2020
Tuition: $2,250
Scholarship Amount: $1,500*
*Limited number of scholarships available. Register today!

Cyber Defender 2 – CED-0402-VO70

Refund Policy

Students/employers are eligible for a full refund until the Tuesday of the second week of the offering (the 1st day of the second week of the course).


CCV’s Cyber Academy includes a required orientation for prospective students, where you’ll:

  • discuss requisite skills and personal attributes
  • learn about the task-based learning approach to the courses
  • discuss the skills you can expect to learn
  • discuss the types of jobs the Cyber Academy can prepare you for


As a student in the CCV Cyber Academy, you’ll have access to a Socratic Arts Mentor/s. Socratic Arts Mentors are trained cybersecurity professionals with advanced degrees. You’ll have regularly scheduled, structured mentor meetings, with additional meetings as needed.

CCV will also host an optional meetup for Cyber Academy students, to give you the chance to connect and support each other.


Contact Lesley Grimes, Coordinator of Academic Services, 802-654-0505

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