When choosing the best math class to start college with, it will be helpful to use your assessment results and to consider course expectations, course topics, and skills needed to succeed in the course.

Interpret your Accuplacer Assessments

Math AssessmentScore RangeRecommended Course(s)
Arithmetic200-236Community & Internet Resources
237-262Foundations of Mathematics (MAT-0210)
Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics200-236Foundations of Mathematics (MAT-0210)
237-262Math & Algebra for College (MAT-0310)
263-275Intermediate Algebra* (MAT-1020)
276-300Applied Math Concepts* (MAT-1030)
Statistics* (MAT-2021)
Finite Math* (MAT-1221)
College Algebra* (MAT-1230)
Advanced Algebra and Functions (Optional)263-275Pre-Calculus* (MAT-1330)
276-300Calculus* (MAT-1531)
*College-level course

Course Expectations

In a developmental math course:

  • You will have the chance to develop concepts and skills that you may have forgotten or never had the chance to learn.
  • Classes will focus less on lecture and more on practicing concepts, with many opportunities for individual and group work.
  • Your homework will emphasize developing and practicing new skills.

In a college-level math course:

  • The pace is quicker, and you will be expected to build upon previous math knowledge.
  • Homework, quizzes, and exams will often include word problems that require multiple steps and incorporate a variety of math skills.
  • You should expect three to four exams per semester, which cover a variety of concepts, and shorter weekly quizzes, which focus on one or two concepts.
  • You may be asked to complete a final project and submit a paper using course concepts, research, and writing skills.

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