Parking & Transportation

Students driving to campus should register and obtain a parking pass from CCV. Parking passes cost $50 per semester and allow students to park in the Winooski City Parking Garage. The garage is located one block from the CCV building and provides covered, gated parking that is monitored and secured by the City of Winooski. We suggest students travel to and from the garage in groups and via well-lit avenues (East Allen Street and Winooski Falls Way). CCV can provide an escort to the garage for those who request it.

Street parking is limited to two hours. As most courses are nearly three hours long, students can be ticketed for utilizing street parking for the duration of their class period. The City of Winooski strictly enforces street parking.

You can park in the public portion of the parking garage (first level) and pay as you go.  Please note, if you arrive before 5 pm and plan to stay until after 5 pm, you cannot pay for parking all at once. You can pay for time up to 5 pm and will either have to return to the garage to pay for time after 5 pm, or pay via the parking app on your smartphone.


Winooski Parking Garage Rules & Regulations

Parking Fee

The $50 fee for obtaining a parking pass is nonrefundable. Once a student has registered for the parking pass online, the fee is added to the student account. The parking pass is provided only when the fee has been paid. Students using financial aid to pay for their parking pass will be provided a pass upon confirmation of aid and receipt of the necessary financial aid paperwork.

Passes should be renewed at the end of each semester. Passes that are not renewed must be returned to CCV at the end of the semester for which it was purchased or a $25 fee will be charged to the student account. If a parking pass is lost during the course of the semester, a student will be charged a $25 replacement fee.

Parking Fee Refund Policy and Student Acknowledgment Form

CCV Parking Lots

The CCV parking lot located off East Allen Street is reserved for instructors with valid permits only. Those violating this rule will be subject to ticketing and towing.

The CCV parking area located off Abenaki Way is reserved for physically challenged students, staff, or faculty who have registered their vehicle with CCV and obtained and displayed the proper permit.

Dropping Off at CCV

When dropping off or picking up at CCV, please feel free to pull into one of our parking areas. Check out the CCV Ride Board in the student portal at

Public Transportation

CCTA provides two bus routes to serve Winooski. Both routes run to our front door and include frequent trips through the day and evening. The Essex Junction route (#2) runs every 15 to 30 minutes between Winooski and Fletcher Allen Healthcare and Cherry Street terminal in Burlington. The Winooski/Riverside route (#9) runs hourly during the day between Winooski and Cherry Street via the Old North End of Burlington. CCV will sell 10-ride tickets to students, faculty, and staff at $10 per 10-ride ticket. (Note: There is a 10 ticket limit per semester) This is more than 16% off the CCTA published price. Bus tickets are sold at CCV in Winooski and are limited based on the number of Winooski credits in which you enroll. CCTA bus route information may be obtained at


As part of our LEED accreditation goals, CCV installed 28 conventional bike parking rack spaces and nine vertical mount spaces for our constituent needs. The bike racks are located at the south end of the facility (off Abenaki Way), under the carport, so they are protected from inclement weather. Please do not chain bikes to trees, handrails, or objects other than bike racks.

Transportation Resources

Through a federal grant, the regional transportation partners (CATMA, CCTA, CCRPC, LocalMotion, CarShare Vt, GoVermont and a few others) developed a website resource called Go! Chittenden County. The website has transportation resources for individuals and businesses.

Vermont Map

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