Getting started at CCV isn’t difficult, but there are some steps involved. Read through the required steps and contact our Veteran & Military Services team with questions.  

Download the Veteran & Military-Connected Student Checklist

First Steps

Apply for Admission – CCV is an open-admissions college and all who can benefit are welcome. Be sure to declare yourself as a student veteran or dependent (if you plan to use benefits) in order for us to best assist you.

Contact Your Veteran & Military Resource Advisor (VMRA) – Email, text, or call to set up a face-to-face military readiness appointment with your VMRA.

Set Up Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Benefits
  • Complete your Application for VA Education Benefits Online – Submit online at: Print a copy of the completed application for your records.
  • Yellow Ribbon? – For eligible students who have non-resident tuition costs. Visit the Yellow Ribbon Program page on the VA website for eligibility requirements. Download a Yellow Ribbon Application (PDF) from CCV.
  • Certificate of Eligibility –  Expect this document to arrive in the mail 6-8 weeks after you complete the benefit-appropriate VA application. Bring a copy to your CCV center and have the front desk scan it to your VA School Certifying Official (SCO) listed below.
Access Department of Defense (DOD) Education Benefits
  • Active military using Tuition Assistance? – Contact and make an appointment to meet your unit’s Education Service Officer (ESO) to discuss Tuition Assistance (TA) procedures.
Required: Submit All Transcripts for Military Training and Other Colleges Attended
  • Military and/or Other College Official Transcripts – For all branches except Air Force, your military transcripts can be ordered from the JST System. Air Force members can receive their transcripts from the CCAF.
  • Transcripts from all other colleges should be sent to:
    CCV Transcript Clerk
    PO Box 489
    Montpelier, VT 05601
    Transcripts may also be emailed directly to
Supplement VA/DOD Benefits with Financial Aid
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid – We recommend all students apply for financial aid by completing their FAFSA.
  • Meet with a CCV financial aid counselor – Make an appointment by calling your local CCV academic center or stop by the front desk to discuss state and federal aid possibilities, scholarships, and/or payment plans for coverage less than 100%.
Sign Up for the Right Classes and Get Ready for the Semester
  • Schedule a New Student Advising Appointment with an academic advisor – Make an appointment at the front desk to discuss degree aspirations, class selection, accuplacers, transfer credits, and directed self-placement.
  • Register & Certify — Make an appointment to see your academic advisor to register for classes. Access your online Request for Enrollment Certification Form. Your registration will be automatically loaded into the form. Contact your Veteran Resource Advisor with any questions.
  • Participate in Orientation – We recommend that every new student participate in an orientation to become acquainted with center staff and faculty, as well as the academic center facility.
  • Books – Purchase your books and materials as soon as possible. Not all benefits provide a stipend for books and supplies. Check with your VMRA on your eligibility. Office managers and front desk staff can also provide valuable information about getting those materials.
  • Parking – As each CCV center location is different, we ask you to talk to the front desk at your center about parking availability, passes, etc. Only Chapter 31 Veteran students may receive vouchers for parking passes (not needed at every center).
First Point of Contact

Erik Zetterstrom
Veterans Support Coordinator

Director of Veterans Program

Elizabeth King
Director of Student & Career Services

Ready to get started?

Apply today or contact us with any questions.