What is The Curtis Fund Commitment scholarship program?

The Curtis Fund Commitment is a scholarship program from The Curtis Fund in partnership with CCV and the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children (VTAEYC). The scholarship covers tuition and fees plus a monthly stipend beginning in fall 2023. This program is for Vermonters looking to complete CCV’s childcare certificate program.

When does this scholarship begin?

This scholarship begins in fall 2023.

Who is eligible for The Curtis Fund Commitment?

This program is available to any Vermonter looking to enroll in CCV’s childcare certificate program. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Vermont Grant Application through Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC), and be eligible to receive federal financial aid.

Students must also complete an application through VTAEYC in order to receive funding.

What costs are covered?

The Curtis Fund Commitment scholarship program pays for any remaining tuition and fees after any federal or state financial aid. Students are required to complete the FAFSA and the Vermont Grant Application through VSAC. To learn more about financial aid, visit ccv.edu/finaid.

Eligible full-time students may receive up to $6,000 in a stipend, paid out in monthly installments, per semester. Part-time students may receive up to $3,000, paid out monthly, per semester. To receive these awards, students must be enrolled at least half-time. This stipend is paid directly to students by VTAEYC.

I am currently enrolled in CCV’s child care certificate program. Am I eligible?


What can I study to receive The Curtis Fund Commitment?

Students must enroll in the childcare certificate program at CCV.

What kinds of resources and supports are available at CCV?

All CCV students are paired with an academic advisor who helps you meet your educational goals. Your advisor will help you plan for graduation and transfer, explore career options, set goals, choose and register for classes, address any academic or other concerns or issues, and connect you with other College or external resources that can help you succeed in school.

CCV students are also assigned a financial aid counselor who can help you apply for and receive financial aid and guide you in paying for your education.

Students have access to 24/7 online tutoring, extensive academic resources through the VSCS Libraries, student governance and leadership opportunities, an online writing center, comprehensive career services, and a wide range of external resources that can support you with transportation, child care, food, and more.

I need to work and go to school at the same time, so it will be hard for me to take a full-time course load. Is the deadline to complete the program flexible?

Curtis Fund Commitment students must complete the child care certificate program within two years. Students must be enrolled in at least two courses (or 6 academic credits) per semester in order to receive the scholarship and stipend. Students must also maintain academic and federal financial aid eligibility.

Students should work closely with their advisor to develop a plan to complete their program within two years.

Do CCV credits transfer to bachelor’s degree programs?

Yes! It’s easy to transfer your credits to bachelor’s degree programs, and completing your first two years at CCV is a great way to save money on a four-year degree. CCV has agreements with four-year colleges and universities across Vermont and New England. Learn more about all of your options at ccv.edu/transfer.

Upon completion of the childcare certificate program, students are also encouraged to continue forward into CCV’s early childhood education associate degree program.

How do I learn more about The Curtis Fund Commitment?

VTAEYC is available to answer questions about the program. For more information and to learn how to apply, please contact preapprenticeship@vtaeyc.org or call (802) 234-1090 ext. 1.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

VTAEYC is partnering with The Curtis Fund and CCV to manage the application and determine student eligibility. You can contact VTAEYC’s Workforce Development Team by emailing teachearlychildhoodvermont@vtaeyc.org or calling 802-387-0870. You can also contact CCV’s financial aid team at 802-262-6557, or email us at financialaid@ccv.edu.

VTAEYC advances equity and excellence in early childhood education with early childhood educators as our foundation. As a membership organization, we provide resources and advocate for policies that move early childhood education forward now and for the future.

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