Get Involved with Collegewide Events & Programs

There are several programs and events that take place in each of CCV’s academic centers.  Each year, groups of students, faculty, and staff work in their academic centers to sponsor activities for the community and to raise awareness about social, civic, and health related issues.

Each academic center chooses to showcase and organize these important activities differently – student creativity, energy, and enthusiasm are always welcome.  If you’re interested in participating in an established event, contact your center’s Community of Student Representatives or your academic advisor.  If you have an idea for a new project, speak with your advisor, faculty, or your center’s Community of Student Representatives  if you have a project you’d like to suggest.

Collegewide events and programs include the following – for specific dates and times, consult our calendar:

Constitution Day and Doing Democracy (September)

This week-long event is dedicated to educating the CCV community about the U.S. Constitution and raising awareness about all democracy and politics encompasses (i.e., advocacy, dialogue about issues, contacting public officials, campaigning, volunteering, voting, etc.)  A primary goal of this week is to empower students, faculty and staff to be informed and active citizens – to empower and inspire students to do democracy.

Harvest for Hunger (October)

Part of CCV since 1999, this award winning college-wide initiative links students to their communities around the issues of hunger and food security.  Academic centers design their own agenda of activities which include students, staff, instructors, and community partners.

Each year student leaders help organize an impressive array of events, from simple food drives to community based dinners.  Faculty build hunger-related themes into service learning opportunities for courses as varied as Statistics to Nutrition. Staff serve dinners, solicit donations, and provide background support. Thousands of pounds of food and hundreds of dollars are collected and distributed to agencies around the state.

BEaWARE (November)

This week serves to educate the CCV community about the risks associated with smoking and drug and alcohol abuse, provide resources for students, and encourage healthy decisions.  During this week, we encourage students and faculty to explore the larger societal implications of smoking, drinking and drug use.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (January)

This annual event honors MLK’s legacy through volunteer work.  If you are interested in planning or participating in your local MLK Day event, contact your center’s Community of Student Representatives.

Town Hall Meeting Day (February)

Town Meeting is an example of direct democracy, and with this CCV program, we aim to encourage students to learn about local issues and to participate in their local Town Hall Meeting.  On the first Tuesday of every March most Vermont towns hold a meeting to elect local officials, approve a budget for the upcoming year, and conduct other local business.

Wellness Week (March)

Wellness Week focuses on “total wellness” – that state of being in which one strives for optimal quality of life encompassing intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, and environmental components.

Every year each center celebrates Wellness Week in its own fun and unique way – from doing yoga, doing zumba, setting up meditation stations, holding daily sit-up contests, and providing information on everything from finding your BMI to quitting smoking to sexuality education.


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