When you’re on the hunt for the perfect job, the tools matter. You need access to comprehensive job listings, salary information, skill assessment resources, and a whole host of support systems to make sure the job you land is the job you planned for. Our tools are designed to help you accomplish that goal. You’ll find in-depth information about career fields, resources to help you identify your interests and strengths, and even tools to help you understand how much money you’ll need to make to support the lifestyle you want. Sign up, explore, and move forward. Your future job is waiting.

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Focus2 is an online, self-paced career and education planning system designed for college students. Focus2 can help you discover jobs you didn’t know existed, make better decisions about your goals and plans, and teach you how to self-manage your career.

To get started on Focus2:

First time users: Create a new account. Use the following ACCESS CODE when prompted: ccvcareerservices

Returning users: Log on (using the account you have already created)

Focus2 offers:

  • self-assessment tools,
  • decision-making and action-planning resources,
  • job outlook information, and
  • career and degree program exploration matched to CCV’s programs.
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CCV’s CollegeCentralNetwork (CCN) is your access point to the job you’ve always wanted. CCN can help with résumé-building, cover letter drafting, and job searches. Register for an account today and get into your new job tomorrow.

CCN helps you:

  • store and send resumes to employers,
  • access job search podcasts and tutorials,
  • find jobs & internships,
  • access job opportunities posted by Vermont companies specifically for CCV students and alumni,
  • find over six million additional employment opportunities, and
  • search the CCN resource library.
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Looking for some quick advice from business professionals on a wide range of career topics? Check out our suite of career advice videos.

CareerSpot offers advice videos on:

  • Networking
  • Career readiness
  • Job search
  • Internships
  • Résumés
  • Interview etiquette
  • And more!

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