Fall semester is in full swing as we head into October and cooler weather. Here’s the latest roundup of news and announcements from students, faculty, and staff around the state. Happy reading, and don’t forget to share your own Notables with us by emailing marketing@ccv.edu!

  • The Hartness Library celebrated its 20th anniversary of the merger between VTC and CCV’s library services on September 22. Staff, faculty, and students were invited to the Zoom party for a socially distanced celebration and opportunity to talk with and meet the library staff. Learn more about the history of the Hartness Library and take the Hartness History Quiz on their website.
  • The Hartness Library is hosting a Racial Justice Book Club series this fall to engage the community in open discussions about issues of race in light of the current Black Lives Matter movement. The club started in September and couples a book and movie that address topics related to race. Coming up in October is the book “The Hate U Give” and the movie “13th” with the discussion taking place on October 19.
  • CCV alumna Katherin Hogan received a $15,000 grant from North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education to continue her research in the Prairie Corridor on prairie restorations and pollinators. Hogan first started at CCV in 2007 in the Intro to College Studies course and went on to graduate with a degree in Liberal Studies in 2011. She continued her education and earned her bachelor degree and is currently working on finishing her PhD.
  • Staff member Debra Fulton volunteers as the Case Review Manager for Wrongful Convictions News, and she has been invited to create and host a podcast “We the Jury.” She currently has two episodes available to download and listen to: episode 1, Darlie Routier, episode 2, Julius Jones.
  • CCV faculty member Katherin Maynard will have one of her poems, “Cursive,” featured in the North Carolina based literary journal KAKALAK. Her poem was selected among others through an annual contest and will be released on December 5.
  • Faculty members Christianna Morley, Wendy Halley, and Bruce Baskind have been chosen as the recipients of CCV’s 2020 Teaching Excellence Award. Faculty are nominated by students and final selections are made by CCV”s Academic Council. Read the full story here.
  • Despite the postponement of the 2020 CCV graduation, students have been chosen as student speaker and recipient of the student leadership reward. Newport graduate Amanda Letourneau, student speaker, and Brattleboro graduate T.K. Lahey, student leadership award recipient, will be honored at the joint 2021 graduation ceremony.
  • CCV-Morrisville hosted a bingo night on August 17 for the community in their parking lot to allow for socially distanced fun. All community members were invited and had the chance to win prizes. All proceeds went to the Lamoille Community Food Share to benefit the food insecure in the community.
  • Faculty member Lauren Watrous’s work was featured in an art exhibit at 118 Elliot, a gallery and multipurpose space in Brattleboro, VT. Watrous says her work in this exhibit are “paintings I envisioned from dreams and writings at the height of quarantine.” After closing due to COVID, 118 Elliot reopened on September 4 and showcased multiple artist’s work during a socially distanced viewing of the exhibition.

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