Find Faculty – Spring

The following is a list of all faculty teaching in the spring 2020 semester. To find faculty information for specific course sections, go to VSC Search for Sections.



Abbaticchio, Jamie, B.S. University of Vermont; M.S. Maryland University of Integrative Health
Abrams, Michael, M.S. Johns Hopkins University
Acevedo, Patricia
Adams, Jane, B.S. SUNY – Oswego
Ahern, Katie, B.S. UMass – Amherst; M.Ed. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont
Alberico, Jennifer, M.A.,B.A. SUNY – New Paltz
Alcorn, Daniel, B.A.,A.A. Kent State University; M.P.A.,M.B.A. Norwich University
Altman, Andrea, B.S. Northern Vermont University; M.S. University of Bridgeport
Ames, Karin, M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont
Amsden, Dave, B.A. Lake Forest College; M.Ed. University of Vermont
Andersen, Ronald, B.S. Northern Vermont University; M.Ed. St. Michael’s College
Angis, Victoria, B.A. Southwest Minnesota State University
Arend, Richard, A.A. Ventura College; B.A. Ca State University – Fresno; M.B.A. Pepperdine University
Arteaga Alvarez, Diana, B.S. Technical University at Choco; M.S. Colombian Polytechnic University Jiame Isaza Cadavid
Astin, Nathan, B.A. Westminster College Salt Lake City; M.A. Western Washington University
Athalye, Aarti, M.S.,B.S. Nagpur University

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Baker, Amity, B.A. Mount Holyoke College
Baker, Donna, A.A. University of New Hampshire – Durham; M.H.S.A Antioch University of New England
Baraw, James, B.S. Woodbury College; M.A. Ashford University
Barbour, Kim, A.S. Community College of Vermont
Barker, Jonathan
Barton, James, Ph.D. Stanford University
Baskind, Bruce, B.S. SUNY – New Paltz; M.A. SUNY – Stony Brook
Bauder, Terri, B.A. Concordia University Saint Paul; M.A. Southern New Hampshire University
Bauerle, Graham, M.B.A.,B.A. University of Pennsylvania
Beagan, John, B.A. Georgetown University; M.A. UMass – Amherst
Bearman, Charles, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. Northern Vermont University
Beede, Martha, Ed.D.,B.S. University of Vermont; M.S. Northeastern University
Bennett, Frederick, B.A. Cornell University; M.Ed. Boston University
Berge, Kelly
Berger, Jennifer, B.A. Burlington College; M.F.A. Goddard College
Berry, Christian, M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont
Berry, Lynn, B.A. Notre Dame College; M.Ed. College New Jersey
Berthiaume, Renee, B.A. St. Michael’s College; M.A. Trinity College
Berthiaume, Richard, M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont
Bickerstaff, Jeffrey, B.A. Bethany College; M.A. Ohio State University – Columbus; Ph.D. Miami University – Oxford
Billings-Berg, Sarah, DNP, M.S.,B.S. Norwich University
Binginot, Matthew, B.S. University of Vermont
Bittinger, Cynthia, B.A. Wheaton College; M.A.T. Teacher’s College – Columbia University
Bjerklie, Cynthia, A.A. Santa Rosa Jr College; B.S. Granite State College; Cert. Bryman School Arizona; Cert. American Academy Professional Coders; M.Ed. Plymouth State University
Blair, Greg, B.A. California – Irvine; M.A. San Francisco State University; M.A. CA State University – Fresno; M.A. University of Pennsylvania
Blankenbaker, David, B.A. St. Johns College NM; M.A. University of New Mexico – Albuquerque
Bliss, Suzanna, B.A. McDaniel College; M.A. Northern Vermont University
Blynt, James, B.A. University of North Carolina – Asheville; M.A. Western Carolina University
Bohannon, Darcy
Bolivar, Sandra, B.S. Southern Vermont College; M.A. Goddard College
Bologna, Krista, M.B.A.,B.A. Mount St. Mary’s University; M.A. Vermont State Colleges
Botta, John, B.A. Seton Hall University; M.A. CA State University – Dominguez Hills
Bourgeois, Amy, B.S.,A.S. Champlain College; M.Ed. University of Vermont
Bouthillier, Robert, B.S. University of Vermont; M.S. Champlain College
Boyd, Ian, B.A. Rutgers University; M.A. University of Vermont
Boyd, Jackie, M.S.,B.A. Florida State University
Boyd, Maryann, B.S.W. Castleton University; M.S.W. SUNY – Albany
Braathe, Robert, B.S. UMass – Amherst; M.B.A. Western Connecticut State University
Bragg-Best, Keiba, M.S. University of Vermont
Brassard, James, A.S. Vermont State Colleges; B.A. Florida Institute Technology; M.B.A. Florida Gulf Coast University
Brennan, Susan, B.A. Rutgers University; M.F.A. University Portland
Brett, Yvonne, B.A. Macalester College; M.A. St. Michael’s College
Brooks, Christine, A.A. Harrisburg Area Community College; M.A.,B.A. Penn State University
Brooks, Elisabeth, B.A. University of Montana – Missoula; M.A.T. Marlboro College
Brooks, Kerri, M.A.,B.A. Northern Vermont University
Brown, Andrew, M.Ed. University of Vermont
Brown, Patrick, M.Ed.,B.A. University of Florida; Ed.D. University of Vermont
Brown-Higdon, Elizabeth
Brownstein, Stella, B.F.A. Memphis College of Art; M.F.A. Bennington College
Brumley, Brian, M.Ed.,B.S. College Charleston
Bruning, Stephanie, B.A. University California – Santa Barbara; M.Ed. St. Michael’s College
Budliger, Kurt, B.S. Colorado State University; M.S. SUNY – Plattsburgh
Burkart, Edward, A.S. Union Institute University; B.S. Norwich University; M.A. Webster University; M.S. University of North Dakota
Burl, Thomas, B.A. SUNY – Plattsburgh; M.S. Capella University
Burt, James, B.S. Norwich University
Burt, Martha, M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont; M.A. St. Michael’s College
Bush, Kristie, B.S. Brigham Young University – Utah; M.Ed. Trinity College
Bush, Stephanie, B.A. Mount Allison University; M.A. University of Waterloo
Buttimer, Anne, B.S. Northeastern University; J.D. Vermont Law School; M.A. Anna Maria College

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Caldwell-Edmonds, Carol, B.A. West Chester University of Pennsylvania; M.A. Norwich University
Cannon, Jean, B.A. Northern Vermont University
Canovatchel, Frank, Ph.D. Fordham University
Carey, William, B.A. New Jersey City University; M.B.A. Monmouth University
Carroll, Mary-Margaret, B.A. Regis College; C.A.G.S. Massachusetts College of Art; M.B.A. Simmons University; M.F.A. Emerson College; M.S. Boston College
Carvey, Kathryn, M.S.,B.S. Iowa State University
Casciari, Joseph, B.S. Penn State University; M.S. University of Delaware; Ph.D. University of Rochester
Case, Karen, B.A. Union Institute University; Ph.D.,EDS Nova Southeastern University; M.A. Marlboro College
Casey, Emily, B.A. University of Minnesota; M.F.A. Vermont College of Fine Arts
Castonguay, Judith, B.S. Metropolitan State University Denver; M.A. Northern Vermont University
Champine, Celine, A.S. Castleton University; B.S. St. Joseph’s College
Chase, Joseph, M.A.,B.A. University of Vermont
Ciambrone, Gary, B.A. New York University; Ph.D.,M.S. Albany Medical College
Cioffi, Luke, B.S. Plymouth State University; M.Ed. St. Michael’s College
Coburn, Charles, B.S. University of Vermont; M.A.T. Norwich University
Cochran, Rebecca, B.A. University of Rochester; M.S. SUNY – Albany
Coffey, Dianne, B.A. Earlham College; M.A.,Ed.D. University of Maine
Colan, Elaine, A.S. Vermont State Colleges; B.A. St. Joseph’s College; M.A. SUNY – Stony Brook; M.Ed. St. Michael’s College
Colasanti, Louis, B.A. Burlington College; B.A. Kean University; M.A. Middlebury College
Conly, Tanya, B.A. University of Southern Maine; M.A. University of Southern California; M.S. Springfield College
Connolly, Heather, B.A. University of Vermont; D.C. New York Chiropractic College
Connors, Thomas, B.A. St. Michael’s College; M.A. Bentley University
Cook, Jeremiah, B.A. Northern Vermont University
Cordes, Albert, M.S.,B.A. SUNY – Plattsburgh; Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University
Corey, Kenneth, B.S. UMass – Amherst; Ph.D.,M.S. North Carolina State University
Cornblatt, Mia, A.A. Vermont State Colleges
Corrow, Sarah, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.A. Vermont State Colleges
Cotignola, Joanne, A.A.S. University of Alaska – Anchorage; B.A. Vermont State Colleges
Cousino, Zandra, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.S. Northern Vermont University; M.Ed. University of Vermont
Covais, Joseph, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.A. St. Michael’s College
Crank, Amy, B.S. Miami University – Oxford; M.S. Antioch University of New England
Cranse, Roger, B.A. Rutgers University; M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh
Cressman, Anthony, B.S. California Institute of Technology; M.S. California State University – Los Angeles
Crompton, Thomas, B.S. University of Hartford
Crossman, Philip, B.A. Cornerstone University; M.A. Norwich University
Curtis, Deborah, B.A. Trinity College; M.A. Norwich University
Cutler, Roy, B.A. CA State University – Sacramento; M.S. University of Washington

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D’Amboise, Paul, B.A. McGill University; M.A. Concordia University
Daley, Hyle
Darrow, Todd, B.S. Northern Vermont University; M.A. Vermont State Colleges
Dash, Miki, B.A. Northwestern University; M.S. University of Vermont
Daugherty, Susan, B.S. Southern Vermont College
Davenport, Patty, B.S. Nyack College; M.S. Capella University
Davis, Matthew, B.S. Dickson College; M.S. Antioch University of New England
De Rosa, Kevin, M.B.A.,B.S. University of New Hampshire – Durham
De Voil, Donald, B.S. University of Edinburgh; M.S. University of East Anglia
Dean, Allison, M.S.,B.S. University of Vermont
Defeo, Jaimi, B.A. SUNY – New Paltz; M.S. Southern Connecticut State University
Dehart, Gretchen, B.A. Bates College; M.A. Washington State University
Deluca, Kori, B.S. Southern Vermont College; M.S. Marlboro College
Demars, Anne, M.A.,B.A. Northern Vermont University
Demers, Karrie, B.A. Thomas College
Demers, Michelle, B.A. Emmanuel College; M.A. Maharishi International University; M.A. Union Institute University
DeMoras, Jennifer, M.B.A.,B.S. Plymouth State University
Deoliveira, Rita, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. Northern Vermont University; Cert. Vermont Technical College; M.A. Marist College
Despathy, Alison, B.A. University of New Hampshire – Durham; M.S. University of Bridgeport
Deyoe, Michael, B.A.,A.S. Castleton University; M.B.A. Clarkson University
Diaz Santos, Gilberto
Dickinson, Tamie-Jo, B.S. Trinity College; M.B.A. Touro College
Diehl, Aimee, B.A. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater; M.A. Marquette University
Diehl, Stephen, B.A. Indiana University – Bloomington; M.A. Marquette University
Dienst, Haley, B.A. Lafayette College; M.S. University of Vermont
Dionne, Joseph, B.A. Clark University; D.C. Palmer College of Chiropractic
Dobbin, Sean, B.A. SUNY – Potsdam; M.A. SUNY – Oswego
Doss, Meaghan, M.A.T.,B.A. SUNY – New Paltz
Dowling, Leora, B.S. Charter Oak State College; M.A. University of North Florida
Dozetos, Barbara, B.A. Trinity College; M.B.A. Champlain College
Drown, Alice, B.S. Lyndon State College
Dubberly, Jay, B.A. Keene State College; M.F.A. Goddard College
Dubbert, Lisa, B.A. University of Maine; M.S.W. University of New England
Dunham, Billi, B.A., M.A., A.S. Vermont State Colleges
Dunning, Jenny, B.A. Kenyon College; M.F.A. Norwich University; Ph.D. Ohio University – Athens

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Eastman, Zacharia, B.A. Norwich University; M.A. University of Southern Maine
Eckhaus, Chauntelle, B.A. University of Colorado – Boulder; M.A. Aurora University
Edgar, Stacy, M.S.,B.S. UMass – Dartmouth; Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Edwards, Valerie, A.S. Norwich University; M.Ed. – McGregor
Ehly, Victor, B.A. Phillips University; M.Div.,B.D. Yale University; Ph.D. Florida State University
Eichling, Carol, BAS Ball State University
Eicker, Nancy, M.S. Michigan State University
Ellen, Jannice, M.Ed.,B.S. Lesley University
Eller, Philip, B.A. Drury University; M.A. Truman State University
Ellis, Asher, B.A. Colby-Sawyer College; M.F.A. University of Southern Maine
Ellison, Warren, B.A. Cornell University
Ettori, Christopher, B.A. University of Vermont; M.S. Woodbury College
Ettori, Kellie, CPB,B.A. Vermont State Colleges
Eugenio, Vanessa, M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont
Evans, Kimberly, B.S. Michigan State University; M.S. Marlboro College
Evans, Ross, B.S. Western New England University
Eversole, Alissa, A.A. Community College of Vermont; B.A. Northern Vermont University

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Farmer, Ruth, B.S. Brooklyn College – CUNY; M.F.A. Bennington College; M.S. Long Island University – Brooklyn
Farrow, Steven, M.A.,B.A. University of Vermont
Feenick, John
Fellows, Larraby, B.A. Bennington College; MLIS Simmons University
Fidler, Maxine, B.A. Geneva College; N.D.,MSA Bastyr University
Findley, Mary, B.A. Southern Vermont College; M.A. Norwich University
Fitzgerald, Heather, B.A. Swarthmore College; M.S. University of Vermont
Flohr, Timothy, B.S. University of Delaware; M.B.A. Drexel University
Forbes, Patricia, B.A. University of New Hampshire – Durham
Forest, Ananda, B.A. Oberlin College; J.D. Yale University
Forest, Tracey, M.A.,B.S. Ohio University – Athens
Forstbauer, George, B.S. Boston University; M.B.A. Tulane University
Foster, Matthew, M.B.A., M.S.,B.S. Illinois State University
Frost, E, B.S. Williams College; M.D. University of Vermont
Fryer, Fern, B.A. Colgate University; Ph.D.,M.A. Indiana University – Bloomington
Fuller, Heather

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Galligan-Baldwin, Jason, M.F.A. University of Mississippi
Gamache, Michael, B.S. University of New Hampshire – Durham; M.A. Drew University; M.A. Teacher’s College – Columbia University
Gannon, Emily, B.A. Carleton College; M.Ed. Boston University
Gannon-Murakami, Laura, B.S. American University – D. C.; Ph.D. University of Vermont
Garanzha, Jolene, B.A. SUNY – Binghamton; M.F.A.,M.A. University of Iowa
Garrity, Joan, A.S. River Valley Community College; B.S. Northern Vermont University; N.D. Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
Gaspar, Holly, B.S. University of Maine – Farmington; M.A. Springfield College
Gatti, Eileen, B.A. Antioch College; M.A. New York University; MLS Queens College – CUNY
Gelfer, Abby, B.A. Hobart and William Smith Colleges; M.S.W. San Diego State University
Gervais, Zach, B.A. Vermont State Colleges; M.B.A. Clarkson University
Giampa, Geoffrey, B.S. York College of Pennsylvania; Ph.D. University of Vermont
Giddens, Evelyn, B.A. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; M.A. Norwich University; Ph.D. Capella University
Gilbert, Robby
Giles, Stephan, A.S. Pikes Peak Community College; B.S. University of Colorado – Colorado Springs; M.S. Colorado Technical University
Gilman-Bogie, Amanda, B.S.,A.S. Northern Vermont University; M.S. Norwich University
Glines, Shirley, M.Ed.,B.A. Plymouth State University
Gorman, Mary, B.S. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont; M.A. Northern Vermont University; M.S. McDaniel College
Grant, Debra, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. Norwich University; M.Ed. Antioch University of New England
Gravel, Susannah, A.A. Vermont State Colleges; B.A. Castleton University; M.A. Boston University
Greenia, Jonathon, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.Ed. Montana State University College of Technology: Great Falls
Gricci, James, M.A.,B.A. Norwich University
Griffing, Zoe, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. Burlington College; M.A. St. Michael’s College
Gross, Eric, M.Ed. University of Vermont
Gruendling, Suzanne, M.Ed.,B.A. University of Vermont
Grzyb, Alyson, B.S. Trinity College; M.S. Central Connecticut State University
Guarino, Jennifer, B.S. University of New Hampshire – Durham; M.S. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Guerrero, Lisa, M.Ed.,B.S. Champlain College
Gundy, Jennifer, B.A. Oberlin College; Cert. University of California – Los Angeles; M.A. Goddard College
Gyurkovics, Gabor, B.S. Ho Si Minh Teacher’s Training College; M.S. Hungarian Physical Education University; M.S. Queens College – CUNY; Ph.D. Universit De Sherbrooke

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Halkias, Telly, B.S. United States Military Academy; M.A. Naval Postgraduate School
Halley, Wendy, B.A. Northern Arizona University; M.A. Pepperdine University
Hankerson, Mario, M.A., M.S.,B.S. East Tennessee State University; J.D. Vermont Law School
Hardaway, Christopher, B.A. Colorado State University; J.D. University of Denver
Hart, Arlie, B.A. Texas Technology University; M.A. Wichita State University
Hart, Jonas, B.A. St. Lawrence University; M.A. University of Colorado – Boulder
Hartman, Diane, M.S. St. Michael’s College
Hartung, Brittany, B.S. University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire; M.S. University of Wisconsin – Stout
Heileman, Diane, A.A. Nichols College
Heinz, James, B.S. Iona College; M.A. Fairfield University
Heller, Daniel, M.A.,B.A. Middlebury College; M.Ed. Keene State College
Henningsen, Justin, Ph.D. UMass – Amherst
Herbert, Jesse, B.S. Syracuse University; Ph.D. University of California – Davis
Heywood, Pamela, B.F.A. SUNY – Oswego; M.F.A. Rochester Institute of Technology
Hildebran, James, Ph.D. University of California – San Francisco
Hill, Cindy, B.A. SUNY – Stony Brook; J.D. Vermont Law School
Hogan, Neal, B.S. University of Vermont
Holmes, Melissa, B.A. Castleton University; J.D. Albany Law School
Hooker, Carl, B.A. Norwich University; M.B.A. University of Missouri – Columbia
Hopkins, Trish, A.A. College; B.A. Union Institute University; Ed.D. Capella University; M.F.A. National University
Houk, Bradford, B.S. Penn State University; M.A.T. Western New Mexico University; MLA North Carolina State University
Howard, Tammy, B.S. Castleton University; M.S. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont
Hueckel, Glen, B.A. Berklee College of Music; M.A. Norwich University
Hurley, Laurie, M.Ed.,B.S. St. Michael’s College; M.S. University of Vermont

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Isenberg, Richard, B.S. University of Maryland – College Park; M.Ed.,Ed.D. University of Vermont

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Jacobs, Genevieve, B.A. Burlington College; M.A. Norwich University
Jaquish, Virginia, B.F.A. SUNY – Potsdam; M.F.A. Ohio University – Athens
Jensen, Traci, B.S. College of William & Mary; Ph.D.,M.S. Northwestern University
Jimenez, Laura, B.A. CA State University – Northridge; M.S. Northern Arizona University
Johnson, April, B.S. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Johnson, Jacqueline, A.D. Temple University; M.A. St. Michael’s College
Joslin, Jeneve, B.A. Concordia University; N.D. Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Joy, Ryan, B.S. Vermont State Colleges
Joyce, Stephen, B.A. Middlebury College; M.A. St. John’s College; M.Phil. University of Oxford
Julien, Alec, B.A. Bennington College; M.A. City College – CUNY; M.A. University of Maryland – College Park
Jumisko-Amidon, Karen, B.S. Central Michigan University
Jungwirth, Shelly, B.A. Our Lady of the Lake University; M.A. St. Michael’s College

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Kaarla, Erik, B.F.A. Emerson College; M.A. UMass – Dartmouth
Kainen, Michelle, M.S.W., MSA,B.A. San Diego State University
Kanfer, Michael, B.S. SUNY – Plattsburgh; M.B.A. University of Vermont
Kaplan, Harold, B.A. University of Vermont
Kay, Jane, B.A. Trinity College; M.S.,B.S. University of Vermont
Keller, Phillips, B.A. Bennington College; J.D. University of California – San Francisco; M.A. University of Chicago
Kelly, Sue-Ellen, B.S. University of Vermont; M.A. Bowling Green State University
Keogh, Michael, M.B.A.,B.S. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont
Kerivan, Shawn, M.F.A. Goddard College
Kessinger, Amy Beth, B.A. Union College New York; M.A. York University; M.S. Woodbury College
Kilkelly, Arthur, B.A. Concordia University
Kingsbury, Michael, B.A. Metropolitan State University; M.S. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont
Kobylenski, Sara, B.A. Simmons University; M.S.W. University of Pennsylvania
Kosnitsky, Fred, B.A. Williams College; LLM Vermont Law School
Koumjian, Lauren, B.A. Mount Holyoke College; M.S. Harvard School Public Health
Kristinat, Jean, A.A. Golden West College; M.A. New York University; M.Ed. Harvard University
Kuhn, Marsha, A.A.S. SUNY Cobleskill; B.A. SUNY – Plattsburgh
Kumar, Lalit Al, M.S. University of Vermont; M.S. University of Akron
Kumka, Cristina, B.S. Emerson College
Kunimoto, Nina, M.A.,B.A. School for International Training; M.A. Marlboro College

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Lafferty, Ava, B.A. Franklin & Marshall College; J.D. New York Law School
Lafleur Brooks, Danielle, B.S. University of Arizona; M.A. Goddard College; M.Ed. Arizona State University
Lambert, James, B.A. SUNY – Plattsburgh; M.S. Marlboro College
Lamberton, Annisa, M.A.,B.A. University of Maine
Lance, Martha, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
Lanzetta, Ali Lanzetta, B.A. Evergreen State College; M.F.A.,M.A. San Francisco State University
Lathem, Alexis, B.A. Reed College; M.F.A. Union Institute University
Lauffer, Ferdinand, B.A. Padagogische Hochschule Weingarten; M.Ed. Indiana University – Bloomington
Laurencelle, Nicole, B.S. Woodbury College; M.S. Norwich University
Laurie, Stephen, B.A. Southeastern Massachusetts University; M.A. Northern Vermont University
Lawrence, Linda, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. Trinity College; M.S. St. Michael’s College
Lear, Amy, B.A.,A.D. Vermont State Colleges
Lee, Collin, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.A. Norwich University
Lee, Julie, M.S.,B.S. Tsing Hua University; M.S. Arizona State University; Ph.D. Stanford University
Leete, Rick, A.S. Holyoke Community College; BBA American International College; M.B.A. Capella University; M.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Lehman, Claude, B.A. Sarah Lawrence College; M.A. University of Oxford
Lehning, Alex, B.A. University of Maine; M.A. University of Vermont
Lehr, Elisabeth, M.A.,B.S.W. Southern Illinois University
Lehr, Robert, B.A. Austin College; Ph.D.,M.S. Baylor University
Lemay, Daniel, B.S. Northern Vermont University; M.A. St. Michael’s College
Lesperance, Dana, A.A. Vermont State Colleges; B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.S. University of New England
Letellier, Kathryn
Lewis, Candace, M.A.,B.A. Northern Arizona University
Lory, Andrew, M.A. Castleton University
Lothrop, Mary, B.S. Hobart and William Smith Colleges; M.S. Dartmouth College
Loughlin, Stephen, B.S.,A.A.S. Regents College; M.P.A. Andrew Jackson University
Loveland, Laurie, M.A.,B.A. Western Connecticut State University
Loynd, Susan, B.A. University of Vermont; M.A. University of Kent
Lumbra, Gabrielle, B.A. University of California – Santa Cruz; M.Ed. St. Michael’s College
Lynch, Penne, B.A. Castleton University; M.S. St. Michael’s College

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MacFadyen, Charles, B.A. Oberlin College
Mack, Laura, M.A.,B.S. Eastern Michigan University
MacMenamin, Jil, B.A.,A.A. Castleton University; M.S. Marlboro College
Maguire, Cindy, B.A. St. John’s University – Queens; J.D. Vermont Law School
Majoya, Rebecca, B.A. Cedarville University; M.A. Castleton University
Mandatta, Robert, B.A. Goddard College; M.A. Norwich University
Maniscalco, Ben, M.A.,B.A. Montclair State University
Marks, Erica, B.A. Trinity College; M.A. Antioch University of New England
Marotto, Emily, B.S. University of Vermont; M.S. CA Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo
Marthe, Leigh, B.A. University of Minnesota; M.S. Cardinal Stritch University; Ph.D. Capella University
Marvel, Glenn, M.A.,B.A. University of Delaware
Mason, Leah, B.A. Union Institute University; M.A. Goddard College
Matses, Gregory, B.A. Colby College
Matteson, Leah, A.S. Adirondack Community College; B.A. Russell Sage College; M.S. Sage Graduate College
Mattison, Heather, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.Ed. University of Vermont
Mayer, Donald, B.A. Bates College; M.Ed. Harvard University
Maynard, Katherine, B.A. University of North Carolina – Greensboro; M.S. Wheaton College; M.S. University of Oregon
Mayr, Bryn, B.A. Hunter College – CUNY; J.D. University of New Hampshire – Durham
McAleer, Alexandra, B.S. Gordon College; M.A. University of Vermont
McArtor, Edee, B.S. Northwest Missouri State University; M.A. Northern Vermont University
McCarthy, Trish, B.S. UMass – Amherst; M.Ed. Cambridge College
McDonough, Dennis, B.A. University of Vermont
McHale, Elizabeth, B.A. Towson University; M.F.A. Union Institute University
McHardy, Catriona, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. UMass – Amherst
McHugh, John, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.S. Vermont State Colleges
McIsaac, Kay, M.A., M.Ed.,B.A. Lyndon State College
McLain, Denise, A.S. Broome Community College
McLemore, Jennifer, B.A. University of Vermont; M.A.T. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont
McNeil, Jennifer, B.S. Elmira College; M.Ed. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont
McPhetres, Sunnie, M.S.,A.S. Granite State College; B.A. Union Institute University
Meenan, Erin, B.A. Hamilton College; M.P.A. University of Vermont
Mernicky, Darina
Merriam, Kathryn, B.A. Wellesley College; Ph.D.,M.A. UMass – Amherst
Merriam, Virginia, M.S.,B.S. Springfield College; M.S. Utica College
Messier, Matthew, Ed.D., M.A.,B.S. University of Vermont
Meyer, Melanie, M.S. University of Texas at Austin; N.D.,M.S. University of Bridgeport
Miele, Teresa, A.A. Champlain College; B.A. Union Institute University
Miller, Jane, B.A. Macalester College; Ph.D.,M.A. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Mitchell-Love, Janice, MLS,B.A. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; C.A.G.S. East Carolina University; M.A. George Mason University
Monder, Pam, B.A. SUNY – Plattsburgh; M.Ed. University of Maryland – College Park
Montagne, Shirley, B.A. University of Michigan Ann Arbor; M.B.A. Eastern Michigan University
Moore, Amy, A.S. Champlain College; B.S. Southern Vermont College
Moore, Ann, M.A.,B.A. Springfield College
Moore, Kathleen, B.A. St. Michael’s College; M.S. Woodbury College
Morin, Asa, B.A. UMass – Amherst; M.S.W. SUNY – Albany
Morison, Donna, B.S. Franklin University
Morison, William, B.S. University of New Hampshire – Durham; M.B.A. Southern New Hampshire University
Morley, Christianna, B.S. Villanova University; Cert. North Carolina State University; M.L.S. Dartmouth College
Morrison, Jessica
Mortenson, Arik, M.A.,B.A. St. Michael’s College
Morton, Andrew, M.S.W.,B.S.W. University of Vermont
Mott, Michelle, B.A. University of Washington; Ph.D.,M.A. University of Texas at Austin
Mubiay, Tuipate, B.A.,A.D. Vermont State Colleges; M.S.W. University of Vermont
Mudgett, Jill, B.A. Goucher College; M.A. University of Southern Maine; Ph.D. UMass – Amherst
Mullins, Kristen, A.A.S. Columbia-Greene Community College; B.A. Amherst College; M.Ed. University of Vermont
Murphy, Brenton, N.D. Bastyr University
Murray, Kaelyn, M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont
Myers, Jim, M.Ed.,B.A. University of Vermont

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Neuhardt, Christine, M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont
Nichols, Martha, B.A. Antioch College; M.A. Villanova University; M.F.A. Bard College
Noble, Nancy, A.A.S. Clarkson University; BSN University of Vermont; M.S. Walden University
Noble, William, B.A. Lehigh University; J.D. University of Pennsylvania
Nolte, Penelope, B.F.A. Syracuse University; Ed.D. University of Vermont; M.S. Clarkson University
Northern, Alexander, J.D. Vermont Law School
Nuovo, Betty, B.S. Worcester State University
Nye, James, A.A.S. Vermont State Colleges; M.A., M.S.,B.S. Marlboro College
Nyman, Emily, B.A. UMass – Amherst; M.A. Bridgewater State University

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O’Brien, Marie, B.S. Western Connecticut State University; M.S. Fairfield University
O’Connor, Pamela, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.Ed. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont
O’Connor, Teage, M.S. University of Vermont
O’Connor, Timothy, B.A. Quinnipiac University; M.A. Castleton University
O’Dowd, Lesli, B.A. Bowdoin College; M.A. Brown University
Oakes, Darcy, B.A. College St. Elizabeth; M.B.A. University of Phoenix; M.Ed. University of Vermont
Ohler, Michael, B.A. Empire State College; M.S. Buffalo State College
Oliver, Dana, B.A. SUNY – Plattsburgh; M.A.T. Bard College
Oliver, John, M.A.,B.A. Middlebury College
Oliver-Yeager, Joanne, B.A. Temple University; M.A. Capella University
Olsen, Marie, B.S.,A.D. Vermont State Colleges; M.S. Springfield College
Otte Stetson, Nicole, B.S. Santa Clara University; M.P.A. School for International Training
Ottoboni, Gina, B.A. Stanford University; M.A. Yale University

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Pachman, Sherry, B.A. SUNY – Stony Brook; M.A. Middlebury College
Pappadopoulos, Ted, B.A. Colby College; M.S. Marlboro College
Parent, Jennifer, Ed.D. University of Vermont; M.A. Pepperdine University
Park, James, B.S. Northeastern University; M.B.A. University of Vermont
Parshley, Sherry, B.S. University of New Hampshire – Manchester; M.B.A. Southern New Hampshire University; M.S. Boston College; Ph.D. North Central University
Patry, Matthew, B.A. Castleton University; M.Ed. Plymouth State University
Paulsen, Susan, B.A. Middlebury College
Pawlik-York, Tricia, B.S. University of Vermont; M.Ed. Post University
Payea, Denise, B.S. University of Vermont; M.B.A. Eastern Michigan University
Payne, Carla, B.A. Barnard College; Ph.D.,M.A. SUNY – Buffalo
Percy, Kaija, B.S. University of Wyoming; M.S. Antioch University of New England
Peters, Stephannie, B.S. Southern Vermont College; Ed.D. Northeastern University; M.A. Norwich University
Pezzulo, Andrew, B.A. University of Connecticut; M.A. Norwich University
Phuong, Tu, A.A. Vermont State Colleges
Pike, Sarah, B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.F.A. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Pite, Stephen, B.F.A. School of Visual Arts; M.A. Teacher’s College – Columbia University; Ph.D. University of Kansas
Pizzigno, Vincent, B.A. Brooklyn College – CUNY; M.S. Central Michigan University
Pobric, Gordana, A.D. Community College of Vermont; M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont
Porter, David, A.A.S.,A.A. Schenectady County Community College; B.A. Siena College; M.A. Sage Graduate College
Porter, Leanne
Potter, Carol, M.F.A.,B.A. UMass – Amherst
Pour-Previti, Mercedes, B.A. College of William & Mary; M.Ed. University of Illinois-Champaign
Purcell, Suzanne, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. Norwich University; M.A. University of Oklahoma

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Quigley, Kevin, B.F.A. Carnegie Mellon University

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Rainville, Martha, A.S. University of Vermont; D.C.,BPS New York Chiropractic College
Randall, Tana, B.A. University of Southern Maine; M.S.W. Simmons University
Rauch, Steven, B.A. Northwestern University; M.D. Case Western Reserve University; M.S. University of Maine
Record, CJ, M.A., B.A. University of North Texas
Rees, Poppy, B.A. Vassar College; M.A. Emerson College
Reshetova, Julia, A.S. Vermont State Colleges; B.S. Champlain College
Richman, Michael, B.A. Fairleigh Dickinson University – Florham; M.S.W. New York University
Richter, Barbara, B.S. Northland College; M.S. Northwestern University
Rinaldi, Michael, B.A. University of Arizona; M.Ed. St. Michael’s College
Rindell, Nicole, B.A. University of Virginia; M.A.T. University of Vermont
Robbins, Colette, M.F.A. New School
Roberts, Heather, B.S. Texas A&M University; M.S. Baylor University; Ph.D. Texas Technology University
Robertson, Jami, B.A. Antioch College; M.S. Queens College – CUNY
Robertson, Phillip, A.A. Art Institute of Boston; B.F.A. UMass – Amherst; M.F.A. Goddard College
Robtoy, Jason, M.A.,B.A. Northern Vermont University
Roby, Jennifer, M.A. Tufts University
Rodgers, Erin, B.A. New College of Florida; Ph.D.,M.S. Antioch University of New England
Rodondi, Beth, A.A.S. River Valley Community College; B.S. Lyndon State College; M.A. Northern Vermont University
Rosalinda, Barrie, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.S. Northern Vermont University; M.B.A. Northcentral University; M.B.A. Norwich University
Rowe, Stephanie, BSN University of Vermont; M.A. Antioch University of New England
Rule, Janel, A.A.S. Vermont Technical College; B.A. Castleton University; M.B.A. Franklin Pierce University
Rushford, Matthew, D.C. Life University
Ryan, John, A.A. Community College of Vermont; M.A. CA State University – Dominguez Hills

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Sabatino, Diane, M.Ed.,B.A. College of Saint Joseph in Vermont
Sacco, William, B.S.,A.S. Castleton University; M.B.A. City University
Saffran, Michelle, B.A. Oakland University; B.F.A. Minneapolis College of Art and Design; M.F.A. Lesley University
Sager, Richard, B.A. SUNY – Potsdam; CPB Center for Natural Wellness
Sakai, Eric, B.A. University of California – Irvine; Ph.D.,M.A. Brandeis University
Sanders, Susan, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.A. Northern Arizona University
Sanderson, Amber, B.S. Husson University; M.S. Union Institute University
Sandvil, Catherine, B.S. Unity College; B.S. University Maine; M.Ed. St. Michael’s College
Santana, Nicole
Sargent, Brent, B.A. St. Michael’s College; Ed.D. Argosy University; M.A. University of Vermont
Sassi, Anthony, B.S. Norwich University; M.S. McGill University
Sauro, Mike, B.A. Boston College; M.Ed.,C.A.G.S. Northeastern University
Sauter, Alison, B.A. Pomona College; M.Ed. University of Vermont
Savard, Gary, B.S. St. Michael’s College; B.S. Champlain College; M.S. Troy University; Ph.D. Capella University
Saylor, Jennifer
Schade, Jody, B.A. Southern Vermont College; M.A. Roosevelt University
Schmidt, Helen, B.A. Sarah Lawrence College; M.F.A. Norwich University
Schonbeck, Kathryn, B.A. Bennington College; M.Ed. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Schwab, Vicki, M.F.A. Ohio State University – Columbus
Schwartz, Anya, B.A. Grinnell College; M.S. University of Vermont
Seager, David, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.A. SUNY- Binghamton; Ph.D. University of Maine
Sehr, Terrence
Shaffer, Christopher, M.S.,B.S. UMass – Lowell
Shaughnessy, Marianne, B.A. Norwich University; M.F.A. Bennington College
Sheehan, Matthew, B.S. Worcester State University; M.S.,D.C. New York Chiropractic College
Sheldon, Greg, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.S. Champlain College
Sheldon, Lisa, B.S. SUNY – Albany; M.S. UMass – Amherst
Shonstrom, Erik, M.F.A. Bennington College
Shortle, Stacy, B.A. University of Vermont; M.Ed.,Ed.D. Argosy University; M.S. Northeastern University
Sicotte, Jessica, M.S.,B.S. University of Vermont
Sides, Warren, B.A. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; M.A. University of Vermont
Sikorski, Evelyn, B.A. SUNY – New Paltz; M.S.W. Adelphi University
Siorghlas, Amabel, M.A.,B.A. University of New Hampshire – Durham; M.F.A. Union Institute University
Sklar, Anie, B.A. Earlham College; M.A. Antioch University – Seattle
Skonicki, Julia, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.A. St. Michael’s College; M.A. St. Catherine University
Skrypeck, Rebecca, M.A. Ohio University – Athens
Slonaker, Brad, B.S. Elizabethtown College; M.A. Villanova University; Ph.D. Penn State University
Smitley, Lynn, B.S. Eastern Michigan University; M.S. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Smyth, Michelle, B.A. University of Vermont; M.A. Northern Vermont University
Southwick, David, B.F.A. School Visual Arts; M.F.A. University of Pennsylvania
Spafford, Darren, B.A. Castleton University; M.A. Marlboro College
Spivey, Jerry, A.A. Pasadena City College; B.A. San Diego State University; M.S. Indiana University – Bloomington
Sprague, Sarah, B.A. University of Vermont
Spry, Mike, M.A. Concordia University
Srivastava, Vidula
Stapleton, Kevin, B.A. University of Texas at Austin; M.S. University of Vermont
Stefani, Jennifer, B.A. Mary Baldwin College; M.A. Dartmouth College
Stephenson, Aimee, B.S. Arizona State University; Ph.D. University of Vermont
Stepien, Donna, B.A. Daemen College; M.B.A. Canisius College; M.F.A. SUNY – Buffalo
Stern, Debra Ann, M.Ed.,B.S. University of Vermont
Stern, Mitchell, B.S. SUNY – Stony Brook; M.S. University of Vermont
Stetson, Felipe, B.S.W. School for International Training; M.S.W. Springfield College
Stevenson, Nancy, B.S. Champlain Regional College Lennoxville; B.S. Concordia University
Stockwell, Samn, M.F.A.,B.A. Goddard College; M.A. Northern Vermont University
Stoner, Gerald, B.A. SUNY – Plattsburgh; M.F.A. Northern Illinois University
Strick, Meta, B.F.A. Carnegie Mellon University
Strong, Theresa, B.S. Westfield State University; M.B.A. UMass – Amherst
Strunk, Kelly, B.A. University of Colorado – Boulder; MSS,MLSP Bryn Mawr College
Struthers, Amelia, M.S.,B.S. Wheelock College
Stutzman, Les, B.A. SUNY – Oneonta; M.B.A. Duke University; M.S. Wagner College
Swanson, Cindy, B.F.A.,B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University; M.F.A. Temple University
Sweeny, Ritalea, M.B.A.,B.A. Institute of Technology Monterrey

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Tashie, Carol, B.A. Rhode Island College; M.Ed. Keene State College
Taylor, Fred, M.Div.,B.A. Carleton College; Ph.D. Union Institute University
Taylor, Tracy, M.S.,B.S. Norwich University
Thompson, Nancy, B.A. Portland State University; M.A. Goddard College
Thompson-Snow, Barbara, A.A.S. Clinton Community College; B.A. St. Lawrence University; M.P.H. Walden University
Tisdell, David, B.A. St. Michael’s College; M.A. Castleton University
Tisseur, Gail, A.D. McGill University
Tokat, Karen, B.A. SUNY – Oneonta; M.Ed. University of Vermont
Tomasi, David, Ph.D. University of Sofia; Ed.D. Ph.D. UCN Azteca Innsbruck; M.A. Cignaroli Academy of Verona; M.C.S. Unipsi University Turin; A.A.T. NOUS Institute
Tompkins, Duane, A.S. Tunxis Community College; M.S.,B.S. Western New England University
Torpey, Beth, B.S. Saint Bonaventure University; M.S. Rutgers University
Totten, Drew, B.S.,A.D. Southern Vermont College; M.S. Chamberlain University
Treash, Linda, B.S. Bucknell University; M.F.A. University of New Orleans
Trottier, Ellen, B.S. Western New England University; M.B.A. Franklin Pierce University
Tucker, Matthew, B.S. University of Mary Washington; M.S. University of Vermont
Tucker, Megan, B.S. University of Vermont; M.S. Marlboro College

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Ungerleider, John

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Valcour, Francinne, B.S.,B.A. University of Vermont; Ph.D.,M.A. Arizona State University
Valentine, Erin, B.S. Georgetown University; M.A. Boston University; Ph.D. Pepperdine University
Vallera, Julia
Van Liew, Andrea, B.A. University of Vermont; M.Ed. St. Michael’s College
Vaughn, Jeremy, M.F.A. University of Pennsylvania
Veilleux, Katherine, B.A. Northern Vermont University; M.S. University of Vermont
Venet, Alex
Vogt, Markus, B.Ed. University of Munster
Von Behren-Herman, Katherine, M.Ed.,B.A. College of William & Mary

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Warren, David, B.S.,A.A. Lyndon State College; M.Ed. Plymouth State University
Warwick, Kevin, B.A. Western New England University; M.S.W. University of Connecticut
Warwick, Samantha, B.A. Syracuse University; M.S. Northeastern University
Webb, Lindsay, B.A. Franklin Pierce University; M.S. Antioch University of New England
Weeden, Roger, B.A. Greensboro College
Weill, Tricia, B.F.A. The College of Saint Rose
Weinstein, Heather, B.S. East Stroudsburg University; M.A. Georgian Court University
Weinstein, Jeffrey, B.A. William Paterson University
Welter, Valerie, A.D. Community College of Vermont; M.A.,B.A. Northern Vermont University
Westby, Katie, A.S. Gateway Community College; B.S. Charter Oak State College; M.Ed. Lesley University
Wetherell, Erin, B.A. Mount Holyoke College; M.Ed.,EDS UMass – Amherst
Whipple, Trevor, A.S. Castleton University; B.S. Northern Vermont University; M.P.A. University of Vermont
White, David, B.A.,A.A. Rollins College Winter Park; M.A. Norwich University
White, Kelly, A.D. Community College of Vermont; B.F.A. Arizona State University; Ed.D. University of New England; M.A. University of Phoenix
White, Kristine, B.A. Arizona State University
Whitehouse, Christine, B.A. St. Michael’s College
Whitney, Tyler, B.S. SUNY – Plattsburgh; M.S. Boston University
Whitten, William, B.A. University of Vermont; B.S. Hawthorne College; J.D. Vermont Law School
Whittle, Norman, B.S. Plymouth State University; M.A. Marlboro College; M.S. Southern New Hampshire University
Wilkie, Michele, A.A.S. Alfred State – SUNY College Technology; A.S. Finger Lakes Community College; B.S. SUNY – Brockport; D.C. New York Chiropractic College
Willard, Katie, M.S.,B.S. University of Vermont
Willman, Jayne, A.D.N. Norwich University; M.S.,B.S. University of New Hampshire – Durham
Wilson, Jay, B.S. University of Maine
Wilson, Maureen, B.S. Northeastern University; M.S.W. Boston University
Wisdom, Shannon, B.A. Emory University; M.A. University of Georgia; Ph.D. Georgia State University
Witherspoon, Allison, B.A. Wheaton College; M.A. Northern Vermont University
Wolff, Tico, B.A. Oberlin College; Ph.D.,M.A. Boston University
Wyman, James, B.A. University of Maine – Farmington; M.A. St. Michael’s College

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Young, Maureen, M.Ed. Antioch University of New England
Young, Zachary, B.A. University of Central Florida; M.A. Asbury Theological Seminary

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Zajko, April, B.S. Delaware State University; M.Ed. University of Virginia
Zeller, Carl, B.S. Richard Stockton College New Jersey; M.S. University of Maryland – College Park

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CCV – Vermont Is Our Campus

No matter where you live in Vermont, a CCV Academic Center is close to you!

  • “CCV students aren’t afraid to wrestle with complex issues. In Community & Restorative Justice, my students developed approaches in treating drug-possession crimes as a matter of public health, not just public safety. Enroll and help reform our criminal justice system.”

    TJ Donovan Vermont State Attorney General,
    CCV Instructor