Introduction to Jewelry at CCV is typically taught on-ground, in person. But this spring the COVID-19 pandemic caused instructor Pamela O’Connor and her students to switch to online learning.

Throughout the semester, students learned about safety and basic wire gauges, created chain and bead wraps, worked with copper sheets, learned about texturing and coloring, and sketched out components for a final riveted, 3-dimensional project. “I found I enjoyed the process of developing and planning for a piece,” student Michelle Cordeiro reflected. “I can be an impatient ‘creator,’ but I learned how to breathe, take it slow and be thoughtful about my actions as I was crafting pieces.”

At the conclusion of the class, O’Connor put together a slideshow of student work and praised students for finishing the art course despite the move to online. Though the move online was unexpected, this new learning style allowed for student growth in new areas. “Taking the class online and not always having immediate, direct instruction taught me to problem solve by using the skills and instruction videos and not be intellectually dependent on the instructor,” said Cordeiro.

“The online format is not what I was expecting initially, that’s for sure. I was not confident at first that it would be a good experience, but it was!” wrote Miranda Dillon, one of the student’s in this spring’s class. “I love having the tools in my hands and being able to go at my own pace at home…there was a silver lining that gave me the learning experience I was looking for.”

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