MONTPELIER, Vt. – For many businesses in Vermont, protecting the environment is a key aspect of daily operations. To support companies interested in becoming more sustainable, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Community College of Vermont (CCV) are teaming up to offer a free class focused on green manufacturing and production.

“The Green Production course is just one of the many benefits businesses receive when they join DEC’s Sustainability Cohorts currently offered for the dairy products, brewing, and specialty foods sectors. Sustainability is about cutting waste and improving efficiency, which can also improve profitability. The cohorts are about building a network of people who understand, apply, and share concepts of green manufacturing, to make Vermont businesses better,” said Emily Boedecker, DEC Commissioner.

DEC’s Environmental Assistance Office will launch three Sustainability Cohorts this spring. These cohorts are managed by DEC in partnership with Efficiency Vermont. Participating businesses receive technical assistance and training alongside a network of committed peers to make voluntary improvements in multiple areas, including energy efficiency and water use. They will also work towards membership in the Vermont Green Business Program. Cohort participants taking CCV’s Green Production course will learn about the economics of green manufacturing, green materials, conducting environmental hazard investigations, and environmental regulations applicable to manufacturing.

“We are thrilled to be offering this course in partnership with the Department of Environmental Conservation. The Green Production module gives Vermont employees at all levels of manufacturing the chance to delve deeper into the issues surrounding green manufacturing,” said Tiffany Keune, Associate Dean of Workforce Education at CCV. “The class also provides a forum for Vermont businesses to talk to one another about the challenges and opportunities organizations face balancing production and environmental impacts.”

The online course, which starts in late April, also involves an in-person assessment that can be taken at any CCV location. It follows the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council’s Green Production Certification. The course is open to any business participating in the Sustainability Cohorts. Businesses that are part of or working towards membership in the Vermont Green Business Program may also be eligible to take the course for free, pending available spaces. The Green Production class is fully funded by an EPA Pollution Prevention grant. To learn more about the course or to request registration, please contact or (802) 786-3825. To learn more about the Sustainability Cohorts, visit or call 802-477-2669.

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