Fall Registration Underway


Summer is coming to a close which means we’re gearing up for leaf peeping, the Tunbridge World’s Fair, and Spain! Yes, España. You’ve still got time to register for our fall study-abroad journey to sunny Southern Spain!

We’re in the swing of fall registration here at CCV and now we’re down to the final weeks—seats start to fill quickly, so now’s the time, people. Seriously, do you think you’re going to have luck getting into a mythology class that’s going to be kicking around toasty-warm Southern Spain come January when it’s silly-below zero here in old VT? Or how about that guitar class you’ve been wanting to take? News flash: there’s all sorts of Jimi Hendrix wannabes out there and they’re grabbing spots to learn from Greg Matses faster than woodchucks go after your lettuce.

The upshot of all of this is fall registration at CCV is happening, we’re down to the wire, and we’ve got some cool classes lined up for you. Stop by your local CCV, or check out the other ways to register for CCV.

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