The Learning and Career Center

The Learning & Career Center has academic mentors available from 4-6 PM

Our academic mentors offer tutoring and assistance with English, writing, research, mathematics, computer skills, and study skills as well as help with our online resources: Moodle, eTutoring, the Portal, and The Hartness Library.


Taylor Wesolow, specializing in English & Writing


Brandin Bourdeau, specializing in Math

Wednesday &Thursday

Mia Cornblatt, specializing in English, Writing, & Computer Skills

If you have any questions about The Learning and Career Center or have further mentoring & tutoring needs, please contact our Academic Support Facilitator, Mia Cornblatt, at 802-888-4258.

Are you interested in becoming an academic mentor?  Please contact Billi Dunham for all academic mentoring opportunities, 802-888-4258.

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  • "I had a lot of doubt about being able to excel and do well in college, but now I know that I am capable of anything."

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