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The Community College of Vermont is a Vermont State College governed by the Vermont State Colleges’ Board of Trustees. Each of the five Vermont State Colleges reports to the Chancellor, who in turn reports to the VSC Board of Trustees.

CCV’s chief executive officer is the President, who operates within the policies and procedures of the Vermont State Colleges’ Board of Trustees. The president has final decision-making authority concerning the internal affairs of the College and is advised by the President’s Council, which includes personnel who report directly to the president. All members of President’s Council also direct at least one academic center (listed in parentheses).

President: Joyce Judy
Executive Dean: Susan Henry (Montpelier)
Academic Dean: Linda Gabrielson (St. Johnsbury)
Dean of Administration: Barbara Martin (Springfield)
Dean of Academic Technology: Eric Sakai (Newport, Center for Online Learning)
Dean of Students: Deborah Stewart (Bennington)
Executive Director of Workforce Education: Penne Ciaraldi (Morrisville)
Executive Director of Academic Centers: Tapp Barnhill (Brattleboro, Rutland, Upper Valley)
Executive Director of Academic Centers: Elmer Kimball (Middlebury, St. Albans, Winooski)
Executive Director of Academic Centers: Dee Steffan (Middlebury, St. Albans, Winooski)

CCV’s College Council is comprised of representatives from CCV’s staff. A forum for discussion of college-wide issues and concerns, College Council can identify problems and recommend new or modified policies to the president of the College.

The Academic Council monitors consistency and quality among academic programs and reviews and evaluates CCV’s academic and degree-granting processes. The board proposes, reviews, and recommends academic policies to the president.

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  • “I completed my medical assisting certificate at CCV, planning to transfer into VTC’s nursing program. But I found that medical assisting work is a dead right fit for me. I am continuing for my associate in this program.”

    Francoise Kahindo Medical Assisting Student