The career development process begins with self-assessment. Are you wondering what career direction you should take or what degree you should pursue? Self-assessment is the process for exploring your values, interests, and skills, so you will be able to find the path that best suits you.

Assess your Values

What is important to you? Complete CCV’s Values Assessment to identify and prioritize your values. You are more likely to have a satisfying career if it is congruent with your values.

Identify your Interests

Identifying your interests will help you determine which careers you may want to explore. Complete CCV’s Interest Worksheet to help you pinpoint what you enjoy doing.

Evaluate your Skills

Complete CCV’s Skills Inventory so you can identify and understand the skills you possess that will enable you to market yourself to employers. It is also important to identify the skills you will need to acquire or improve on for a particular career field that interests you.

Pull it all Together

Complete CCV’s Pulling It All Together Worksheet to integrate all of the information from the self-assessment and to create a holistic picture of yourself.

Set Goals and Create an Action Plan

Goal setting is an important life skill and an integral part of career and educational planning. Use CCV’s Goal Setting and Action Planning Worksheet to begin creating both long- and short- term goals to help guide you as you explore your academic and career directions.

CCV Course Connections

Through various activities and exercises in CCV courses, you will have an opportunity to reflect on and learn more about yourself in relation to career choices. A few courses to consider enrolling in are Dimensions of Work, Dimensions of Freedom, and Introduction to Psychology.

Next Steps

  • Meet with your advisor to plan courses or to learn which CCV degree will help you meet your career goals.
  • Review Career Exploration and reflect on your self-assessment information and career options.
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