Resumes & Cover Letters

Developing resume materials or participating in an interview helps you to shape your experiences and skills for communication with different audiences. Your cover letter and resume don’t just summarize your previous experience; they highlight your relevant professional and communication skills as well as convey your genuine interest in the organization. The interview will give you the opportunity to display your professionalism and provide further evidence of your skills that match the position.

Develop Your Resume

Prepare Your Cover Letter

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Gather References

Gather references from people who have supervised your work (either in school or in a work-place setting) and ask for their permission to use them as a reference.

CCV Course Connections

Courses that can help you develop your professional image:

    • Effective Speaking
    • Effective Workplace Communication
    • Interpersonal and Small Group Communication
    • Business and Professional Writing
    • Community and Work Experience
    • Career Readiness Certificate
    • Assessment of Prior Learning


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