Career Development

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The 2012-2013 U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook lists over 5,000 jobs. Certainly there is a satisfying and rewarding career out there for all of us. However, trying to determine which career is the best fit for your interests, passions, and skills can sometimes feel overwhelming.

CCV has created resources to guide and support you as you explore your interests, establish career goals and plan how to attain your goals. These resources will help you break your career planning into small action steps, helping to make career planning more manageable.

CCV’s career development materials; your coursework; faculty working in their fields; academic advisors; special workshops, guest speakers and events; and other students are valuable resources as you embark on career planning.

What to Do When

It can be daunting to think about all that’s involved in preparing yourself for a career. When you break career planning into small action steps, it becomes much more manageable. In addition, you can see how the work you do – even at the beginning of your CCV education – is important in shaping your overall pathway. Although there are very few “rules” about what to do when, we hope this Career Planning Outline will assist you in making and measuring progress toward your final goal.

Career Planning Outline

0-15 credits

15-30 credits

30-45 credits

  • Interview or shadow people in careers you are interested in.
  • Begin to develop a professional resume.
  • Find and complete an internship.
  • Start to look at local and regional job postings to see what types of opportunities may be available.

45-60 credits

  • Meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss how to manage your student loan debt.
  • Continue to add professional experience and training to your resume and cover letter.
  • Gather references and practice your interviewing skills.
  • Apply for job opportunities.
  • Apply for admission and financial aid at transfer schools.
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  • “I completed my medical assisting certificate at CCV, planning to transfer into VTC’s nursing program. But I found that medical assisting work is a dead right fit for me. I am continuing for my associate in this program.”

    Francoise Kahindo Medical Assisting Student