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Whether your business is a small, family-run operation or a corporation with multiple campuses and hundreds of employees, CCV’s workforce education programs are the right choice. The nature of our customized training and certification programs means that our team will work with you to craft the perfect curriculum for the size and type of your business. Over the past fifteen years we’ve partnered with large, national organizations such as Adecco, Comcast, and Global Foundries, as well as smaller, independent businesses such as Twincraft Skincare and Louis Garneau. Although these businesses differed in both their nature and size, CCV’s custom trainings met their needs and continue to do so today.

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Twincraft SkincareComcast
Peter AschPeter Asch knows one of the keys to building a strong business lies in working with the people who work for him.

“The context is that we’re deep believers in training and in truly helping people to better themselves,” said Asch, who is the CEO of Twincraft Skincare. “People have to want to help themselves, and if they do, the company is open to it and we’ll also fund it. It’s all about inspiring people and helping them to have a better life.”

Asch’s Winooski-based soap and skincare company is a family business that was founded in Canada by his father and uncle in 1972. Six years later they expanded into Vermont, and in the early 1990s the company completely relocated to the Green Mountain State, where it has remained since. Today, Asch and his brother Richard continue to run the contract-manufacturing business that produces over 40 million bars of specialty soap and millions of bottles and jars of liquid soaps and skincare products annually. And part of what’s kept the company going strong for nearly half a century is that Twincraft’s employees are well taken care of.

“It’s been part of our ethos. I think we’ve deepened it over the last few years, but it’s always been part of the company,” he said. “It’s all about ‘how do you inspire people? How do you help people have a better life?’’’

Walking through the manufacturing, lab, and packing areas of the plant, Asch stops to talk and joke with employees, with many of whom he’s on a first-name basis. At one point he stops to introduce himself to a new employee who’s been with the company for just over a week. When asked if he’s enjoying his work, the employee smiles and says he is. Asch thanks him for his work, shakes his hand, and watches as another large sack of soap pellets gets emptied into a massive hopper. Knowing his employees, Asch said, goes hand-in-hand with empowering his employees.

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Comcast employeesCommunity College of Vermont’s Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) course added another 13 students to its completion ranks on May 6, all of them Comcast employees.

“For years I have been interested in revisiting a return to higher education,” said Travis Miller, a Customer Care Supervisor, “and this presented the perfect opportunity to do so.”

The success of the course is nothing new for CCV—more than 7,000 Vermonters have been through the three-credit, semester-long class since it began in the 1970s. But the partnership with Comcast is unique in that the class was held on-site at Comcast’s South Burlington location and provided their employees a chance to begin working toward a degree without the burden of paying up front and being reimbursed.

Comcast has a robust tuition benefits program, but there weren’t as many Vermont-based staff taking advantage of them as the company would have liked.

“Reimbursement can be a hardship for their employees,” says Melissa DeBlois, coordinator of academic services at CCV Winooski. “So they said ‘we will take as many of you as want to do this,’ and they paid for it and bought them notebooks for class and really tried to make it special.”

It took some time to get to that point, however. After months of talks between CCV and Comcast, an agreement was made in which the class would be held at the Comcast South Burlington location and it would run as pilot program for the national cable, telephone, and internet service provider.

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