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Photo of beaker and eye dropper.The workforce training needs of your company or organization are different from those required by others. Sometimes the solutions that have worked for your partners or your competitors will work for you, sometimes they won’t. This is where standardized approaches to workforce development come up short. Partnering with CCV is different. We work with you to develop and implement customized strategies designed specifically for your needs and targeted to take your employees and your business to the next level.

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CCV’s statewide presence, strong online learning capability, and dedication to flexible educational delivery, gives us the ability to design workshops, trainings, and programs that meet the needs of your employees when and where you need them. With delivery at one of our CCV locations or at your place of business during hours that best fit your schedule, we can increase the skill base of your workforce from entry-level through management. We will work together to create a plan based on your specific training needs. Courses can be designed as half-, full-day, or week-long trainings to meet your needs.

Past Customized Trainings have included:

  • Spreadsheets and database training
  • Accounting and billing software, and emailing
  • Business writing
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Team building
  • Leadership and supervisory skills
  • Customer service

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If you already have training and educational programming in place for your employees our Education and Training Evaluation Service (ETES) could be a good option to enhance those programs. In conjunction with the Vermont State College’s Office of External Programs, CCV’s workforce team can evaluate your training systems for college-level equivalency. A successful ETES evaluation will allow employees who complete your training program to receive college credits for their work.

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Prior Learning Assessment Office

CCV works with businesses and organizations across Vermont to upskill the incumbent workforce and provide a pipeline of new, skilled workers across industry. Our apprenticeships in medical assisting, pharmacy technician, and manufacturing production technician pair credit-bearing classes with on-the-job learning, allowing students to jumpstart their career, education, and earning potential.

If you’re a company looking to hire an apprentice or would like more information on how this program can support your business needs, contact us today.

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For more manufacturing-specific training, our Certified Production Technician program will take your employees to the next level. The CPT program leads to an industry-recognized credential that ensures your employees are prepared for front-line production work. Whether they’re entry-level employees or in supervisory roles, CPT certification means an individual has demonstrated mastery of core competencies of manufacturing production as specified by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). The goal of the CPT certification program is to raise the level of performance of production workers both to assist the individuals in finding higher-wage jobs and to help employers ensure their workforce increases the company’s productivity and competitiveness.

Benefit from the CPT by

  • Reducing or eliminating time and effort wasted on unqualified or uninterested candidates
  • Comparing job candidates more equitably
  • Validating a potential hire’s skills
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Investing in a more qualified workforce to increase productivity and competitiveness
  • Increasing your ROI for training
  • Attracting, motivating and retaining qualified employees

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CCV’s unique bookkeeping pathway allows students to earn the nationally recognized CPB license after completing a CCV bookkeeping certificate in as little as one year.

Here’s what you get:

  • 29 College Credits
  • 4 National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) Certificates
    • Bookkeeping
    • Accounting
    • QuickBooks
    • Payroll
  • 90 Hours of Work Experience
  • CCV Bookkeeping Certificate
  • Full CPB Licensure!

Here’s how it works:

1. Apply to CCV as a Bookkeeping student
2. Work with your advisor to plan your courses
3. Take the appropriate assessments when you feel comfortable
4. Submit your documentation to the NACPB and place CPB next to your name

Upon completion of the program and licensure approval, students officially become Certified Public Bookkeepers and can continue to advance their career. Alternatively, they can apply credits toward an accounting degree and become a CPA while they earn an income as a bookkeeper.

Offering this pathway in your company is an excellent way to help your bookkeeping staff develop and validate their skills.

For more information, contact your local CCV Coordinator of Student Advising.

If you’re a company looking to hire a bookkeeper or would like more information on how this program can support your business needs, contact Mike Keogh, Business and Community Outreach Manager, at 802.786.5188.

Many of your employees may have college credit already, and many will have completed college-level learning through jobs and other life experiences. CCV’s Prior Learning Assessment programs are designed to award college credit to individuals based on the level of college-level learning they’ve attained. Read about how Comcast provided it’s employees the opportunity to earn college credits through CCV’s PLA program. Multiple options are available and courses can be offered on-site or at any CCV location.

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The Community College of Vermont offers several opportunities for employee skills development in the software commonly utilized in the workplace. Workshops, short trainings, and courses range from half day to 15 weeks in duration, depending on the needs of the business. The content of workshops can be customized. Typical trainings and courses include:

  • QuickBooks
  • Effective Presentations using PowerPoint
  • Working with Microsoft Word
  • Working with Microsoft Excel
  • Computer Applications
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
  • Intro to Internet Marketing
As the second largest college in the state, CCV has a student body large enough to meet the internship needs of your business. Our statewide infrastructure means that no matter where you’re located, there are CCV student interns nearby ready to gain experience helping your business do its business. Our workforce team is here to assist you in finding the most qualified CCV candidate for your organization’s growth and success. Visit CollegeCentralNetwork, our online job and internship recruiting site, for more information about finding and connecting with CCV interns.

CCV’s online job and internship recruiting site, CollegeCentralNetwork (CCN), gives you access to hundreds of potential employees in Vermont and beyond. Not just a tool for CCV students, CCN is an open-resource available to the general public for the job search process. As an employer, using CCN gives you the ability to:

  • Post open positions at your company
  • Review prospective employee resumes
  • Research salary trends
  • Schedule interviews with potential candidates

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  • "As I was teaching at CCV I found I was getting the most from my students when we were out in the field – they really responded to that learning style – so I helped to develop classes in the environmental science program that maximize hands-on-learning."

    Daniel Schmidt Environmental Science Faculty Member