CCV Policy Manual

This is a listing of all CCV-specific policies. For VSC policies go to the VSC website. For questions contact Bo Finnegan, CCV Human Resources Director.

AIDS Policy
Academic Data Management Policy
Academic Center Closure and Inclement Weather Policy
Academic Freedom Policy
Academic Honesty Policy
Academic Standing
Acceptance of Transfer Credit Policy
Admissions Policy
Alumni Policy
Amelioration of Unsuccessful Semesters Policy
Attendance Policy
Basic Skills Policy
Cash Management Policy
Certificate Completion Requirements Policy
Community of Student Representatives Policy
Complaint Resolution Policy
Complaint Resolution Policy for Staff Policy
Computing Network Use for Recreational or Entertainment Purposes Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Copyright Policy
Course Attendance for Faculty Policy
Course Audit Policy
Course Cancellation Policy
Courses Offered in Collaboration with Other Organizations Policy
Courses Offered Through High Schools Policy
Credit Hour Policy
Crime Awareness and Campus Security Policy
Curriculum Development Policy
Degree Completion Requirements
Disability Accommodation Policy- Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Disruptive Person Policy
Drop, Add, and Refund Policy
Employee Assistance Program Policy
Enrollment Policy
Evaluation System Policy
Facilities Sharing Policy
Faculty Development Policy
Faculty Evaluation Policy
Faculty Hiring Criteria and Conditions of Employement
Faculty Records Policy;
Financial Aid Policy
Gifts Policy
Governance Policy
Grant Seeking and Proposal Development Policy
Honors Policy
Independent Study Policy
Lactation Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy
Policy 101 Program Review and Continuous Improvement Process Policy
Policy on Policy
Requirements for CCV Staff Teaching or Taking Courses Policy
Research by or About CCV Students Faculty or Staff Policy
Salary Advance Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Scholarships Policy
Service Animal Policy
Sexual Harassment CCV Policy
Small Group Study
Staff Bereavement Policy
Staff Hiring Practices Policy
Staff Professional Development Policy
Staff Records Policy
Staff Tuition Waiver Policy
Student Advisory Board Policy
Student Assistance Policy
Student Financial Obligations Policy
Student Records Policy
Subtance Use and Abuse Policy
Tuition and Fees Policy
Unpaid Leave Policy
VSC Residency Policy
Visitor Policy
Weapons Policy

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  • "As I was teaching at CCV I found I was getting the most from my students when we were out in the field – they really responded to that learning style – so I helped to develop classes in the environmental science program that maximize hands-on-learning."

    Daniel Schmidt Environmental Science Faculty Member