Technology Requirements

CCV courses can be accessed with most of today’s desktop or laptop computers – both PC and Mac.

Operating System

  • Windows Operating System XP, Vista , 7 or 8
  • Linux OS
  • Mac OS X

Web Browsers

Other Considerations

  • A reliable internet connection 56k or higher. DSL or cable modem is highly recommended for faster access.
  • A reliable e-mail account. We strongly discourage the use of Hotmail and AOL for participation in an online course because messages do not reach those users.

What about Software?

  • Most courses will only require you to have an up-to-date browser. However a word processor will be very handy, if not invaluable.
  • For some online accounting, business, computer, and graphic design courses you will need to have specific software, which will be noted in the course description.
  • Some online courses also require a headset with microphone, which will be noted in the course description.
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CCV – Vermont Is Our Campus

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  • "At CCV I was able to engage with people working in my field of study. My experience was invaluable to my career."

    Harry Knowles ’11 A.S. Human Services