Technology Requirements

Do you have a current Desktop PC Operating System?

  • Windows 10 (if you have an earlier version of Windows, *please* consider upgrading as soon as possible)  
  • Mac OS X 10.11 or later
  • Linux (a recent distribution, fully updated)
  • Chromebook (but see below for software issues)  

 Is your Mobile Device’s operating system up to date? 

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 12.0 or later
  • Android (phone or tablet) with version 5.0 or later  

Note that Canvas makes a mobile app for both iOS and Android, which you can get from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.  We definitely recommend it. 

Checking your versions varies from device to device.  On Windows, go to Start, Settings, System, About.  On a Mac, go to the apple menu in the upper left and choose About this Mac.  On Android, go to Settings, About Phone, Software Information.  On iPhone/iPad,  

What Web Browsers do you have access to?  

  • Preferred:  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox  
  • Acceptable, but you may have issues: Microsoft Edge  or Safari  

Please make sure whatever browser you’re using is updated to the very latest version.  You can usually go to HelpàAbout, or on a Macthe menu baràbrowser nameàAbout, which will tell you the version and will often offer you a way to update if necessary.  

What internet connection(s) will you rely on? 

A reliable internet connection. DSL or cable modem is highly recommended.  Area wireless and satellite can work, but you may run into speed issues and bad weather can affect your connection. 

Are you prepared to communicate regularly via email?  

Remember, you already have a college email account, which you can access at  This email account will be where you receive messages and notifications from Canvas, your instructors, your advisor, and the college in general.  

What about Software?  

If you don’t already have a copy installed, VSC students and faculty have access to Word and Excel online.  You can access these and your personal storage space in OneDrive at, using your VSC email address (your-login-id), for example 

Some courses, for example accounting, business, computer, and graphic design, use specific software.  Please note that if you’re using a Chromebook, or a mobile device, it is very likely that such specific software will not be available for your device.  

Are you prepared for videoconferencing? 

In order to participate in video conferences, or to record audio or video to submit for assignments in Canvas, you will need a webcam and/or a microphone, or a mobile device with a built-in camera and mic.  

You can test your setup to verify you’re ready to use zoom by going here and joining their test meeting: 

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