Online Learning Coordinators and Administrative Staff

For inquiries about CCV online courses, contact the Center for Online Learning by emailing or calling 802-334-4451.

Coordinators of online courses are responsible for specific curricular areas. For subject-specific questions, please contact the appropriate coordinator listed below via email or phone.

Kate Cooper: Environmental Science 802-447-2842
Phil Crossman: Criminal Justice, Education, Community, Philosophy 802-786-0017
Deb Grant: Computer Systems Management (Computer Applications, Spreadsheets, and Word Processing only) 802-885-8360
Jenny Gundy: Communications, Humanities (not including HUM-2010), Dimension of Self and Society (INT-1050) 802-828-0123
Kate Hughes: Political Science, Social Work 802-281-5015
Ryan Joy: Biology (Lab Sciences – Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Physics) 802-654-0561
Rick Leete: Economics 802-654-0522
Kate Maynard: Anthropology, Sociology 802-654-0528
Ted Pappadopoulos: Business, Computer Systems Management (all online CIS courses EXCEPT Computer Applications, Spreadsheets, and Word Processing) 802-828-0467
Martha Rainville: Allied Heath, Non-lab Biology 802-828-0129
Laura Rubenis: Accounting, Geography, Math, Community Work Experience (INT-2860) 802-786-0013
Cindy Swanson: Art History, English, Music 802-334-4318
Jeremy Vaughn: Art, Psychology 802-828-4063

The Center for Online Learning Administrative Staff can provide general assistance and guidance as well as technical assistance with the Portal and Moodle for both faculty and students.

Jennifer Alberico: Director of Online Teaching and Learning, Seminar & Education Inquiry (HUM-2010), 802-254-6366
Sarah Corrow: Assistant Director of Academic Technology, 802-334-4319/4451

If you are experiencing a technical issue you can also receive assistance by submitting a help desk request by clicking the ? in the upper right-hand corner of the Portal or by navigating to When submitting a help desk request please provide as much information as possible to help the technician assist you in resolving the issue.

For Canvas issues you can access 24/7 support by clicking the ? located in the Canvas global navigation menu located on the left side of your Canvas classroom.

For quick reference, you may also refer to the Center for Online Learning staff directory.

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  • “CCV students aren’t afraid to wrestle with complex issues. In Community & Restorative Justice, my students developed approaches in treating drug-possession crimes as a matter of public health, not just public safety. Enroll and help reform our criminal justice system.”

    TJ Donovan Vermont State Attorney General,
    CCV Instructor