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Norway Spring 2019

People have interacted with the mountains and fjords of western Norway since shortly after retreat of the Scandinavian ice-sheet 13,000 years ago. As a mountainous landscape with little agricultural land, hunting, seafaring, and small farms have dominated Norwegian history. With the discovery of North Sea oil, Norway has transformed from one of the poorest countries in Europe to one of the wealthiest on Earth.

During our pre-trip classes, we’ll examine the ways past societies throughout the world have worked with and against nature. We’ll pay particular attention to colonial New England and its legacy of agrarian history seen today in our stone walls and young forests. The geography and history of Norway and the failed Norse colony in Greenland will also be a focus. In May we’ll travel 10 days in western Norway devoting our attention to these questions: How does nature influence culture? And, how does culture, as a result of its unique history, shape the landscape we see today? Students will be immersed in the nature and culture of western Norway in order to understand the ways environment has influenced the history of the people. Much of our content is easily related back to Vermont.

Class meetings will be held on five Saturdays from 10am to 3pm at CCV-Upper Valley during the spring semester.

Course Page: HIS-2270-VJ01: Society & Environment in History
Travel Dates: May 9 – 18, 2019

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Trip Highlights

Three Reasons To Join Us In Norway

First, amazing landscapes:

Second, sheep!
PHoto of a sheep

Yes, we already mentioned sheep over in the highlights, but trust us, you’ll want to visit this link.

Third, glaciers. Totally worth seeing.

Meet Your Instructor

Photo Of Mike GaigeMichael Gaige works as an ecologist at the intersection of nature and human land-use history to understand the ways people have interacted with landscape over time. He has explored Scandinavia and the British Isles in search of ancient trees, the patterns of landscape history, and his own ancestral roots. Michael has taught undergraduate field programs for over 12 years in Alaska, the American West, Patagonia, and Norway. He also teaches Natural History of Vermont at CCV in Brattleboro.

How to Pack

Since we’ll be hiking, good to take note of these recommendations!

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