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Experience Ireland through the imaginations of its well-known writers, movie directors, and traditional and contemporary musicians. Learn about Ireland’s turbulent past and how people have adapted to and modified its land yet maintained a distinctive Irish identity and culture. We’ll meet monthly to discuss, listen to, and view a variety of expressions of that cultural identity in preparation for our January 2019 trip. On the ground in Ireland we’ll start on the west coast of County Kerry on the remote Dingle peninsula, an area rich in archaeological remains and dramatic coastal scenery and an outpost of the Irish (Gaelic) language. We will make our way eastward to the vibrant city of Kilkenny, centered in an area of medieval castles, monastic remains, and splendid woods walks. From there we head to the northeast through Ireland’s most significant upland area in County Wicklow, then descend slowly into the country’s capital region and largest city, Dublin. Here we’ll have three days to soak in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Ireland’s dominant urban center.

Class meetings will be held on five Saturdays from 10am to 3pm at CCV-Montpelier during the fall semester.
Course Page: HUM-2150-VM01 – Ireland through Words, Images & Music
Travel Dates: January 5-14, 2019

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instructor peter keatingPeter Keating has sustained a long running appetite for all things Irish through numerous visits over the past 40 years – trips primarily driven by his quest for traditional music sessions, prehistoric monuments, and evocative rural landscapes. He has taught two previous offerings of Ireland in Words, Images and Music and for the past 15 years has taught World Regions and Cultures at CCV. Peter looks forward to sharing some of Ireland’s imposing historic sites, dramatic seascapes, picturesque green rolling hills, and traditional music haunts as we move from the rugged west coast eastward to cosmopolitan and cultured Dublin.

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