QRA Dates & Times

Active CCV students may take the QRA/WorkKeys® Applied Mathematics assessment free of charge at any CCV academic center.  QRAs are scheduled as group sessions or as individual appointments.

For questions and information on how to register, please call the academic center.

Individual QRA appointments:
Middlebury: 802-388-3032
Montpelier: 802-828-4060
Newport: 802-334-3387
St Johnsbury: 802-748-6673
Winooski: 802-654-0545

Group QRA sessions:
Bennington: 802-447-2361
Brattleboro: 802-254-6370
Montpelier: 802-828-4060
Morrisville: 802-888-4258
Rutland: 802-786-6996
St Albans: 802-524-6541
Springfield: 802-885-8360
Upper Valley: 802-295-8822

You can search for dates and times of the group QRA sessions using the Search for Sections tool in Web Services.  Each session is listed as a section of GRS-2010 CCV QR Assessment.  Enter the appropriate semester term, subject code (GRS), course level (2010), and CCV location to determine dates and times for academic center QRAs in your local area.

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