Quantitative Reasoning Assessment

We live in an increasingly quantitative world of data, financial information, and detailed problem solving. Quantitative reasoning (QR) is the interpretation, evaluation, and application of this information.

What is the Quantitative Reasoning Assessment (QRA)?

Quantitative reasoning is one of CCV’s graduation standards. To be sure all students meet the QR graduation standard, CCV requires degree students to prepare for and take a 33-question, 55 minute Quantitative Reasoning Assessment (QRA).

QRA and WorkKeys®

The QRA is more than just a degree requirement. CCV uses an exam created by WorkKeys® as its QRA. This exam, the WorkKeys® Applied Math assessment, is part of a nationally recognized credential. It measures the real world skills that employers indicate are critical to job success. Extensive work has been done to correlate the WorkKeys® Applied Math skill levels with thousands of job profiles.  CCV students can research the skill levels needed for their career goals and can share their WorkKeys® Applied Math scores with potential employers.

CCV students must score a level 5 on the QRA/WorkKeys® Applied Math assessment to meet the graduation standard. The majority of CCV students earn higher scores of 6 or 7.

WorkKeys® Applied Math Related Resources
General Information & Sample Questions
Matching Jobs to Applied Math Skill Levels

Preparing for the Assessment

Students can prepare for the QRA/WorkKeys® assessment using practices resources and quizzes in a CCV QRA Practice Canvas site. All CCV students have free access to this Canvas site and can use tools in the site to develop their math and quantitative reasoning skills and practice for the QRA. The resources are also helpful for brushing up on foundational math skills needed for success in developmental and college-level courses.

To enroll in the QRA Practice Canvas site:

It is best to take the QRA immediately after completing a college-level math course. The QRA is free to CCV students and is offered multiple times each semester. Students taking MAT-1030 Applied Math Concepts will take the assessment (QRA) as part of the course. Online MAT-1030 students take the assessment at their local academic center. Students completing other math courses can take the assessment in any CCV academic center.

QRA Frequently Asked Questions

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