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Today’s jobs demand more than a person typically learns during their high school career. Moreover, the changing shape of jobs across all business sectors demands the skills we’ve learned in the past be updated and new skills acquired. For some positions this means earning a degree and for others a certification. CCV’s Career Readiness Training system lays the foundation for all of the above. Our Governor’s Career Readiness Certificate and National Career Readiness Certificate programs will get you up to speed in core areas required to find success in today’s workplace. Our CRCpro tracks focus your training on specific fields and positions. Scheduling is flexible, and in some cases, the work can be completed tuition-free.

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Governor's Career Readiness CertificateCRCproNational Career Ready Certificate
As a participant in the GCRC program, you will have the opportunity to gain the skills and training required to be successful in the workplace. This program is offered in partnership with the Vermont Department of Labor, and classes are tuition free to participants. As a student in the GCRC program, you will:

  • improve your resume and interviewing skills
  • develop teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • practice time and project management
  • identify trends and interpret data
  • learn basic computer skills
  • build a solid career foundation

Participants will focus on the skills most requested by Vermont businesses, and all participants in the course become eligible for two certificates: The National Career Readiness Certificate and the Governor’s Career Readiness Certificate.

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The Career Readiness Certificate Pro programs at CCV combine the content from our GCRC program with specialized, industry-specific skill sets in the following areas:

CRCpro Tech affords participants an opportunity to develop core employability skills with a focus on Microsoft Office. Completers may choose to sit for a Microsoft SpecialistCertificate.

CRCpro Manufacturing develops the key employment skills of entry-level production workers such as math for manufacturing, professionalism in a manufacturing environment and prepares participants to enter into an entry-level position in manufacturing, or into additional training programs, such as CCV’s Certified Production Technician Program.

CRCpro Health & Human Services is designed for incumbent and non-incumbent workers alike, and develops the key employment skills of entry-level healthcare workers such as effective communication and maintaining a professional image.

CRCpro Customer Service explores what exceptional customer service looks like. Participants will learn how to deal with difficult situations, how best to greet and set a positive tone, how to provide customers with superior care, and explore professional image and communication skills.

Earning the National Career Readiness Certificate puts you a step ahead of the others in the hiring pool. Employers know that NCRC holders have mastered the skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace. The program consists of three WorkKeys assessments: Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading For Information. Once you hold this certificate, over 10,000 employers nationwide will know you’ve completed the program and are ready for work.
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