Times are changing for all of you CCV students! You’re getting institutional email accounts! That’s right, with the beginning of fall semester you’ll have an official CCV email powered by Microsoft Outlook, and, there are more goodies attached to the deal.

In the past CCV has contacted you through your personal email. Now, you’ll have your own CCV email that the College will use to contact you about school-related matters. Your email will be portaluserid@ccv.edu, and you can access your new inbox at http://mail.o365.vsc.edu. Your login credentials will be the same login you use to access the Portal or your Moodle classes. Forgot what those are? Head on over to http://portal.ccv.edu and use the forgot username or forgot password links!

So do you have to use your CCV email? Well, yes. And no…You have to use it because that’s where CCV will be emailing you from now on. However, you can set up your email to forward to your preferred email account. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Visit http://mail.o365.vsc.edu/. You can also access webmail using the Access Webmail link found in the footer of every ccv.edu page.
  2. Log in using your Portal credentials. Your username will be the first letters of your first, middle, and last names, and your birth month and day followed by zero. For example, Aretha Louise Franklin was born on March 25, 1942. Aretha’s username would be alf03250.
  3. You will now be logged into your Office365 account. You may be presented with the home screen or your Outlook mail account.
    To Forward Your Email:
    1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
    2. Under My app settings, choose Mail.
    3. You will now be on the Mail Options page. There are four different menu option on the left: General, Mail, Calendar, and People. Click on Mail.
    4. Choose Accounts from the submenu.
    5. Choose Forwarding.
    6. Choose Start Forwarding and enter the email address you would like your email forwarded to. You may also elect to save a copy of the email in your Outlook mailbox.
    7. When you are done click Save.

The other great benefit of this new system is that you’ll now have access to a whole suite of Microsoft Office tools in the cloud. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, they’re all there, ready and waiting for you use to crank out those assignments for class.

To access your Office 365 tools (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint), access your email through the Portal or at http://mail.o365.vsc.edu using your CCV user id and password.

  • Click the BLUE SQUARE or the words OFFICE 365 in the black bar above your email box.
  • Select the Office 365 product you want to work in.

For questions or assistance, contact the CCV IT Helpdesk at http://servicedesk.vsc.edu.

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