Early Bird Winners

Since spring took its sweet time getting here, we offered an incentive to have you start thinking about fall. We offered a grand prize of $3,000, along with lots of textbook vouchers, to students who registered early for fall classes. The cut-off was May 5 and a bunch of you got it together and registered by then—among them, our grand-prize (up to $3,000) winner Katrina Patnode and second-prize ($500) winner Danielle Kendall. Both attend CCV St. Albans.

We also had a dozen third-prize ($100) winners from all over the state: Crystal Miller, Shawna Christian, Todd Stanley, Elissa Evans, Amanda Merrill, Kevin Stark, Nathaniel Orvis, Jordan Hom, Mimmina Ewald, Kiara Hodge, Dimitar Radev, Anthony Sherburne, and Mikayla Bentley.

If you’re not one of these winners, don’t worry! There will be another Early Bird Special for the spring 2018 registration period. We’ll keep you posted, but until then, if you haven’t registered for summer or fall classes, you still can!

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  • “CCV students aren’t afraid to wrestle with complex issues. In Community & Restorative Justice, my students developed approaches in treating drug-possession crimes as a matter of public health, not just public safety. Enroll and help reform our criminal justice system.”

    TJ Donovan Vermont State Attorney General,
    CCV Instructor