CCV Student IDs Now Available!

You’re a college student, so you should be getting the discounts associated with being a college student, right? Well thanks to your Community of Student Representatives and their hard work, you’re now eligible to get your own CCV Student ID!

So what does an ID get you? Many brick-and-mortar and internet retailers offer discounts to students on all sorts of products, and some of those discounts are pretty significant. Take Adobe, for example. Photoshop can be pretty expensive, but you’ll save a bit if you have proof that you’re a student. Pretty cool. In fact, when you’re shopping for new things such as computers, gadgets, etc., it’s worth asking if the retailer offers a student discount. The thing is, you usually need a student ID to get those discounts. Well, now you can have one if you’re registered for fall classes and your student account has been active for 48 hours. Here’s how:

  • Visit our handy Student ID page
  • Login and upload a head shot
  • Agree to have $25 added to your student account

That’s all it takes. Three steps and your id will be coming your way soon.

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  • "The APL portfolio is pretty amazing. It really gives you a good sense of satisfaction and gratification that you've done so much."

    Kim Sweatt CCV Alumna
    Asst. Product Engineer
    Earned 51 credits through APL