Sign Up For Fall!

The start of fall classes is nigh upon us, and while you might be thinking it’s too late to get yourself into a class, you’d be wrong about that! Sure, some classes might be full, but you’ll never know what’s available until you check.

Here’s another piece of something something to chew upon, friends: you’ve got electives and interests that are probably separate from your major. Why not delve into what’s going on in your backyard with Intro to Ornithology? Or balance your science classes with art and music. Whatever you’re into, be it exploring the woods of Vermont, physics, aquatic invertebrates, acrylic painting, CCV has a class for you. And even though the sweet aroma of grilled Labor Day burgers and tofu pups is just about in the air, there’s still time to set yourself up for a wicked good fall semester.

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CCV – Vermont Is Our Campus

No matter where you live in Vermont, a CCV Academic Center is close to you!

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