CCV and Burlington Generator Are Teaming Up

Picture of a mechanical man. Think It, Make It. CCV + Generator. Realize Your Ideas.

Are you an artist, engineer, builder, designer, maker? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Burlington Generator, a makerspace in downtown Burlington, is offering free membership to CCV students and faculty.

Burlington Generator provides the tools, community, and resources to help everyone and anyone turn thinking into doing; it is a place where artists, innovators, students, and teachers can make and create. Generator offers artist studios and workspaces for electronics, jewelry-making, metal work, machine work, and wood work, as well as a state-of-the-art computer lab. Members receive skill-specific training and classes, and enjoy the benefits of technology, community, and collaboration. Take advantage of all that Generator has to offer, and bring your ideas to life!

Check out the Generator website to learn more about the space, as well as makers and their projects! And, keep your eye out for future CCV classes that will make use of Burlington Generator!

To Join

*Attending orientation is a required step in becoming a member at Generator. You must attend orientation in order to begin working in the space.

Register for Our Generator-Based Classes

Check out these fall course offerings that pair classroom learning with time in Burlington’s

CIS-1711 Maker Technologies: Microcontrollers in Action
Computer information systems and creativity meet in this CCV/Generator course. You’ll learn how to build and program small robotic devices, LED light systems, motors or cameras using microcontrollers while applying the principles of system design.

ART-1060-VU01 – Two-Dimensional Design
Learn two-dimensional design in a three-dimensional space. Experiment with various media and materials to explore the dynamics of design, and apply design elements, like line, shape, value, and texture in a variety of hands-on design projects.

To sign up for these courses contact our Winooski academic center.

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