Early Bird – We Have Winners!


With spring barely here, we know how difficult it is to contemplate the upcoming fall. With that in mind, we offered an incentive to do just that: We gave away two $3,000 awards to students who registered early for fall classes. The cut-off was May 6 and a bunch of you got it together and registered by then—among them, our two happy winners:

Rebecca Henderson
Rebecca Henderson is a first -generation college student at CCV-Winooski. She is more than halfway through her degree in liberal studies and expects to graduate in Spring 2018. Henderson is a Burlington, Vermont native and, when not attending CCV part-time, enjoys spending time with her three daughters.

Brianna Wright
Brianna Wright is a first-generation college student at CCV-Springfield. She expects to graduate from CCV next summer with her degree in liberal studies and then transfer for her bachelor’s degree (likely in a medical profession). She lives in Windsor, Vermont and is a 2015 graduate of Windsor High School. Brianna is not only a full time college student with a 3.75 GPA, she also works at Hannaford in Claremont and spends a lot of her time caring for her younger sibling.

Congratulations Rebecca and Brianna!

And if you’re not Rebecca or Brianna, better luck next time. ‘Wait, what’s that you say? There’s going to be another early bird special?’ Yep, we’re all about making registration easier, more fun, and more profitable for you! We’ll let you know when then next round of Early Bird Special is starting for the Spring 2017 semester, but until then, if you haven’t registered for summer or fall classes, you still can!

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