Spring 2016 Early Bird Winners


The carrier pigeons have arrived bearing news of our spring 2016 Early Bird Special winners! As a recap, for the second semester in a row the College has offered up a serious prize to two lucky ducks who registered early for the upcoming semester.

Basically, the College asked the whole flock of returning students to hop off the roost earlier than normal and sign up for classes. Those who did were entered to win the golden worm, i.e. $3,000 duckets to put towards tuition, fees, books, etc. So, without further ado, your Spring 2016 Early Birds are:

Shiloh Rutherford and Jacey BonPietro!

Shiloh is a lifelong resident of Vermont and currently lives in Essex Junction. She is in her second semester at CCV. Although she hasn’t decided on a major yet, she is considering pursuing a degree in the field of environmental science and a potential transfer to UVM once she’s finished at CCV. When she isn’t attending school full time, Shiloh is a ski and snowboard instructor at the Bolton Valley resort. Congrats, Shiloh!

Jacey is a Burlington resident currently enrolled in CCV’s liberal studies program. After taking some time off, she is back at CCV part-time, eager to resume her studies. Congratulations, Jacey.

Yes the early bird fun is over for a bit, but fear not, we’ll be tossing out another worm for fall 2016 in the near future. So, start thinking about which classes you’re interested in, keep an eye out, and be prepared to fly the coop early for your chance to land $3,000 towards your college education.

Oh, and if you haven’t registered for summer classes yet, you ought to do that, too!

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